Valentine’s Day and its Many Stories


Over the years, Valentine’s Day celebrations have become synonymous with all sorts of stories because many people, especially the youths, indulge in all kinds of unspeakable acts, all in the name of Valentine celebration. Valentine’s Day has become a day that all bets are off and caution is thrown to the wind by many youths.

The attendant results of this one day of temporary insanity are often stories that are sometimes unusual in the extreme. While some of these stories are amusing, some are quite bizarre. The fact is that many people have had Valentine’s Day celebrations that are unforgettable because of their pleasant experiences while, unfortunately, some have been scarred for life as a result of wrong decisions they made while marking the day.

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Yusuff Moshood

My most hilarious Valentine’s Day story so far this year is an Instagram video post by a lady who shamelessly advertised herself with the hope of getting a Valentine partner. In the post, she lamented how Valentine’s Day was just a few days away and yet unlike so many ladies, she was alone with no Valentine partner. She said she had a vacancy for a Valentine partner and would appreciate it if any young man could step forward and be her partner for that day to enable her enjoy Valentine like everyone else.

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To clearly illustrate what she had to offer for the day in the video post, half of her bosom was brazenly displayed to perhaps tantalise the intending applicants. Unsurprisingly, her Instagram post was flooded by comments from men who applied for her ridiculous Valentine’s Day “job”.

As inappropriate as the Instagram post may look, the fact is that the behaviour of the young woman is becoming the norm, rather than exception, among youths, who recklessly expose themselves to vile acts in the name of Valentine. The advent of social media has added a different level of pressure to the lives of so many vain youths who are concerned that many of their peers and friends have partners to flaunt on Valentine’s Day and later on social media platforms while they have none to be with.

I remember a discussion I had with a physician friend some years back concerning youths’ immorality and Valentine celebration. He told me that many youths get infected with severe STDs and other health conditions as a result of reckless sexual escapades during Valentine celebration while many young girls end up with unwanted pregnancy.

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He said that even though there may be no statistics to back it up, he was sure that the rate of illegal abortions among youths was always high in the couple of months after the 14 February Valentine celebration. To him, Valentine’s Day had basically become a day for reckless romantic escapades.

The irony of it is that the true history of Valentine’s Day is not that romantic. Although the authentic story of the day is still being debated because there are about three versions, what has been established is that none of the versions is actually romantic. What is known is that, at least, two individuals named Valentine were executed on February 14, though in different years by Roman emperors. One of the Valentines was said to have been executed for refusing to renounce his religion. Since then, Valentine’s Day has evolved and the annual “celebration of love” has been targeted by many business outfits for commercial purposes, with many making millions from smart commercial ideas built around the day. Gift shops, recreation centres, Cinemas and so on are smiling to the bank as a result of Valentine celebration.

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Nevertheless, this society has a duty to work on and sensitise the youths in particular on the dangers of indulging in reckless sexual activities under the guise of Valentine celebration. To celebrate love is good, but this should be done with utmost caution and decency, to avert avoidable problems. The truth, though, is that what many celebrate in the name of love is actually lust because true love does not lead to irresponsible behaviours, sorrows or regrets. I also believe that while picking one day for the celebration of love is not bad, love should be celebrated every day. Besides, showing love does not necessarily have to be by sexual intercourse. If sex were to be the ultimate way to show love,  then sex workers should be the most loved people on earth.



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