Vitabiotics Pledges Support for Health Education, Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria


– As company holds two-day international conference in Lagos

Vitabiotics, an innovative healthcare products manufacturer and research based company has restated its commitment to supporting health education for healthcare professionals in Nigeria to further improve healthcare delivery in the country.

Speaking with Pharmanews in an exclusive interview during an international conference organised by the company, held at Pistis Hub, Maryland, Lagos, recently, and graced by many pharmacists, doctors and other healthcare professionals, Mr Micheal Pausler, business development manager, Vitabiotics said that the company will continue to support and sustain its good relationship with all healthcare practitioners in Nigeria.

Some executives of Vitabiotics in a group photograph at the event.

He noted that while one of the reasons the company organised the conference was to strengthen its good long-standing relationship with healthcare professionals, the conference is also in tandem with the global practice of Vitabiotics, stating that the company has been organising international conferences all over the world for years.

Vitabiotics, he said, is a science based company and has operated in Nigeria for about 30 years, adding that the company is committed to ensuring that Nigerians continue to have access to its high quality scientifically formulated products.  Vitabiotics products, he said, comes with guarantees of safety and efficacy because they are unique products of science and research.

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The Vitabiotics business development manager disclosed that the company will in future ensure that the conference is held in Nigeria on a more regular basis as the interaction with the healthcare professionals during the question and answer session showed that participants found the conference quite valuable. He however assured that the company will ensure there is a better logistic base for the conference to ensure participants have great experience.

Vitabiotics Pledges Support for Health Education, Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria
A cross section of participants at the conference.

Dr Nitin Patanker, one of the speakers at the conference while making a presentation on nutrition noted that nutritional rickets in most Nigerian children results from inadequate dietary calcium supplementation, adding that children with inadequate calcium intake may have greater vitamin D requirements.

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Vitamin D, Dr Patanker stated, facilitates more rapid healing of rickets in children with calcium deficiency rickets.

He said that rickets was the main cause leading to an increased childhood mortality from the 19th until the 20th century, the period during which vitamin D was discovered, adding that rickets was frequently associated with another disease: tuberculosis. He explained that ancient treatment of tuberculosis with natural sunlight improved at least both rickets and tuberculosis

He stated further that both vitamin D and   vitamin A are important for the mucosal barrier and the immune system in the respiratory tract, noting that this might explain why a consequent supply of raw cod liver oil, which is rich in vitamin D and vitamin A to children in Scandinavia reduces the number of severity of respiratory tract infections.

He said that there is indeed good evidence from clinical studies that raw cod liver oil reduces incidence of upper tract infections in children, adding that many children unfortunately are not getting the recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and so may not be getting all of the vital nutrients their bodies need for long term health and development.

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He disclosed that a United Kingdom survey indicated that many infants are not getting enough of certain nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin D, noting that it might be necessary to give children certain supplement to take care of the inadequacy.

Another speaker at the event, Mr Rohit Shelatker, a director for Vitabiotics said that the company has over the years demonstrated that it is committed to help human meet the demands of modern life by coming out with unique products for infants, children women and men.

Vitabiotics, Shelatker said, is always at the forefront of scientific research to enhance healthy living by providing innovative products for nutritional healthcare.


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