Bariatric Surgery Prevents Cancer, Infertility, Hypertension, Others, Improves Lifespan


With the rising number of non-communicable diseases in the world, especially Nigeria, medical experts have stressed the need to embrace Bariatric surgery to prevent the adverse effects of these diseases on human lives, which sometimes leads to preventable death.

The team of medical experts from Euracare Multi-Specialist Hospital, Lagos, which comprises Bariatric surgeon and anaesthesiologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist and Bariatric dietician, lamented that the surgery, which has been in the country since 2011, has been undermined by Nigerians, adding that its benefits are enormous as it helps in increasing lifespan/expectancy.



Speaking on the need for Bariatric surgery, also known weight-loss surgery, in Nigeria, Consultant Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Abuchi Okaro, said obesity is becoming a serious threat to life, which should not be overlooked. He said obesity predisposes people to cardiovascular diseases, which is the leading cause of death, type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, cancers, infertility, erectile dysfunction, sleep apnea, low quality of life, mental illnesses, such as clinical depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

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Okaro noted that emerging scientific evidence has strongly revealed that the Bariatric surgery procedure, which include: gastric balloon insertion, sleeve, gastrectomy and single anastomoses bypass, is capable of achieving resolution of long-term of the above listed diseases, which is threatening life expectancy, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Also speaking on the importance of Bariatric surgery in preventing cardiovascular diseases, Medical Director and Chief Cardiologist, Tosin Majekodunmi, said it helps to control blood pressure in the heart, reduces hypertension, pains in the body and prevents mortality.

“Hypertension is a major problem in Nigeria. One in two adults suffer from hypertension and its complications. Bariatric surgery serves as a key component in solving these problems,” he said.

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On the benefits of Bariatric surgery in preventing diabetes and cancers, Consultant Endocrinologist, Dr. Faye Korubo, pointed that obesity predisposes a person to diabetes and cancer, adding that Bariatric surgery helps to improve the outcomes of patients with these diseases.

He, however, stressed that Nigerians should embrace Bariatric surgery as a solution to preventing these disease, which could lead to death, adding that the team has brought the surgery to Nigeria with the right equipment and medical team to ensure the country rids these life threatening disease in the next decade.


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