Vote for the Pharmanews Young Pharmacist of the Year


Poised to encourage innovation and active involvement of young pharmacists in public healthcare and community health/social development, Pharmanews Ltd., has decided to honour whoever emerges the Pharmanews Young Pharmacist of the Year, with an award of recognition.

After a careful selection process, five candidates were shortlisted, based on the number of their nominations. They are:  Ezedei Obinna Benson (WelfarePharma Ng); Timothy Okooboh (Health Hub Blog); Onimisi Peter (IQVIA); Isah Muhammad (Medinomic Healthcare Ltd);  Sesan Kareem (Achievers Forum).

We hereby call for your vote for the young pharmacist who has impacted his community significantly, based on public healthcare delivery and community development activities.

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Please note that voting commences on Friday 14 December 2018 and closes on 7 January, 2019.

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  1. I vote for Pharm. Shadrach Nzomisaki. The poll is not loading,that’s why I am using the comment section to cast my vote.

  2. The bangs selected are natural colors. My own hair color is natural black that has not been dyed. It is very real when I bring it up, and the bangs will really look much smaller after I wear it. The important thing is that I don’t have to worry about the hairline anymore. The line problem 🐙

      • I Chose Isa Muhammad because is the future. It’s the only innovation explained here. It’s a management and referral system that will change the scope of healthcare service in Africa and not Nigeria alone.

        It’s the first Telehealth in Nigeria and deserves commendations.

        I believe other Candidates should refer us to what they’ve done. is obvious and you can register too.

        It’s not fair to ask this kind of question sincerely, this is 21st century and informationlike this shouldn’t be hidden.

        The other candidates should highlight and refer us to their innovations.

        Only Isa Muhammad has some thing worthy of being called INNOVATION what’s innovative about what others have done?

        I don’t like this question at all and to all those saying vo ting is tribalised please grow out of your skin and stop being tribal bigots.

        Isa as a personality is an innovation. The guy is soo on point and you want to rubbish the vote.

        Pharmanes should tell us this is a popularity contest not innovation because I see only one innovation here

        How can you being an admin of a what’s app and telegram group be termed innovation?

        This is an insult on the profession sincerely.

        • Lol ????. I was wondering too Timileyin.

          I knew Pharm Isa AKA Jagaban in lagos and sincerely when he pitched the idea of medinomic at the FG MSME Clinic hosted by First Bank.
          The MD of Firstbank Ibukun Awosika and the MD of Medplus acknowledged his stride in a hall of about a 500 people at Oriental hotel Lagos. I was amazed and had to talk to him.

          Very humble guy always ready to give you even his trade secret and yet some people are using the tribal sentiment on this vote ?.

          It’s annoying sincetely because that Guy is a Hustler. First class hustler and he also has a WhatsApp group for training people ???.

          Since its about being an admin now

        • Very interesting comment that explained who’s Muhammad is.
          And I’m not a health expert or knowledgeable, but I became curious with his support to innovation of health sector that will help Africans.

  3. Well, it all looks like the house retains a single voice.
    Enough it is for me that at least some of the voters are quite transparent enough and enthusiastic in proving their nationalistic approach with skeptical observation, in vehemently digging into the very heart of truth and credibility instead of turning a deaf ear and blind eye on the nostalgic journey of Nigeria great again.
    This is the Nation we must be and must be known and respected for.
    The long road in rescuing this Nation is a collective obligation that must not be tempered with the lame rotten roots of segregation and Injustice.
    Thumbs up for all…
    Albonhary 07017606989.

  4. Timothy okoboh is the man i voted for,i recommend him through his ability and kindness dedication and selflessness activities toward humanity, i strongly believed in him,is been doing d great work and he will continue doing it…by God grace

  5. Isa Muhammad In Shaa Allah.and he Will always be the best and
    remembered for his had work.

  6. A background achievement of each candidate would provide a good basis to make an informed choice, otherwise discretion takes centre stage.

  7. Since I don’t know any of them I go with the people’s choice,I say Muhammad,and wish him the very best.

  8. What are their individual achievements? Why should we vote for them? Is it based on one’s tribe or religion? I think you should have talked even a little about their capabilities so that people can judge wisely.

  9. I think dat d organizers need to highlight d public on d achievement of each candidate not just sending a link and asking d public to just vote

  10. Isah Muhammad suit the post in shaa Allah (Maa shaa Allah) based on his tiredless efforts towards effective & efficient health information management across Nigeria.
    Wish him and other contestant the best!

  11. My vote goes to pharm Isa Mohammed due to his innovation and caring attitude his the best and well deserved.

  12. Pharmacist Ezedei Obinna Benson deserves to be the Young Pharmacist of the Year. He has helped young pharmacists with continuous clinical education through creation of not less than 8 Clinical Cases groups which has benefited me, and many others.
    Pharmacist Ezedei Obinna Benson has also helped many young pharmacist get internship placements and locum jobs through sharing of prompt information of internship and locum availabilities in his Locum and Internship Opportunities Social media groups.
    Pharmacist Ezedei Obinna Benson was also the president of National Fellowship of Christian Pharmacy Students (NFCPS) UNN and the NFCPS 2016 National Convention Convener at UNN. The convention remains the most amazing.
    Pharmacist Ezedei Obinna Benson is the current General Secretary of the Anambra state Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria-Young Pharmacist Group (PSN-YPG) and the State’s PSN-YPG Project Coordinator.
    The port folio goes on and on. In deed, Pharmacist Ezedei Obinna Benson has impacted lives in divers ways, he deserves the award!

  13. Best on the previous comment, and to no nepotism,Isah has the highest number of vote. The trios has all the qualities to be.Finally Muhammad is my choice considering his office presently and the number of vote he got from the Congress

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  15. We re pharmacist…..we have no problem tribalism or religion. Any accredited member from the PCN knows that….dats simple rule for the council…
    Any member knows that….so any young future pharmacist like me or others, if u have the heart of phobia or nonsensical behavior pls and pls learn to control it and get away with it…….
    We pharmacist, we re one. Impact medical profession is base on team work…
    We re the future of the country , we don’t deserve to leave or lead this way. He/she is not from ma side or we didn’t belong to same religion, HABA nigerian we re beyond this wallahi, we re not in the era not 60s fah……….

  16. After going through the comments, I realised that outsiders voted based on the names that suits their place of origin but the insider sure voted on merit. You can see muslim hausas voting for a Christian Igbo man and vise versa.
    If you don’t know them and decide to vote and go for names that sound familiar to your locality, it’s ok cos that is the best you can do. The problem is if you know them and know the type of things they do and still vote the less among them cos he/she is from your region, then don’t ever cry for the corruption in Nigeria for you are part & parcel of the problem.

    • Then, the organizers of the polls should have atleast highlight the achievement of each of the candidates.
      Don’t just blame others on that.. They hav their reasons too.

    • I am in support of your opinion!
      l am just here by invitation but actually I don’t know these guys but to be sincere nepotism has eaten us badly. Though it may be a kind of retaliation, but two wrongs can’t make a right!
      Let’s be more conscious and try to improve ourselves and society as much as possible.

      • You should emulate our noble leader sir Ahamadu bello sardaunan koko
        to to try and emulate sardauna of skt

    • I nominate Alexander Bede Chimezie Diala (Pharm. ABCD) of the prestigious University of Uyo as Pharmacist of the Year

  17. An Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty, #IstandWithMuhammad.

    A’U OF ZÀZZÅÜ Cares

  18. Speaking based on what I know Pharm Isah Muhammad innovation is an excellent one and he deserves an award of Encouragement. Medinomic Healthcare Ltd is a solution to many healthcare challenges in our Country. Benson Edozie is equally good but I have little or no knowledge on his innovation. it’s not all about award but about the country and world at large.

  19. Comment:Isa Muhammad will definitely win by God willing ,relax and watch up , because all over the world are your fans ,wish you the best of luck dear…

  20. I voted based on what I hard about Isah, I hard he was the best, suppose it is emeka or seun that was the best I will vote for either of them,as far as they are good in what they brother in-laws mother felt sick despite the fact that majority of the hospital staff are northerners and Muslims they shown non challant attitude, it was the Igboman doctor that took care of her and he even advised that instead of bringing her to the hospital he will be coming to the house to render the medical due to her old age, he continue doing do till she died.

    • Allahu Akbar! People like this deserves commendation. Some people are very good at what they do. They are just different… may he go a long way aamin.

  21. Insha Allah you will won this vote by GOD grace wish you all the best in your studies and in your life

  22. I had wanted to say people are voting based on tribalism… Until I saw an Igbo name saying vote for Isa Muhammad cos he deserve it then my mind was put at ease. All the best to the contestants… May the Almighty choose the best for us Amin.

  23. Pharm Ezedei Obinna does it better.. he is the right person.. You’ve got my vote bro.. u ar a winner aLready

  24. Isa Muhammed all the way…. Met this young man a year ago, he’s the definition of a leader, enthusiastic, driven and ambitious… He’s got all it takes to make the difference regardless, his mentality has bn a reference point for most of us. No one deserves this award more than him, you will be honored to ve him as the custodian of your prestigious award…

    A vote for Isah Muhammed is the way forward!

  25. Pharm Isa Muhammed doesn’t have to inform me before I vote for him. He is the best life can offer you
    He is your young pharmacist of the year.

  26. Please can Pharm. Obinna Benson highlight his innovation? I have seen Pharm. Isa’s innovation and its commendable. We will definitely work with him. Can you highlight your innovation, I’ve googled welfare Pharma and can’t find you.

    Lovable Sportsmanship, great Pharmacist all of you.

  27. Please can Pharm. Obinna Benson highlight his innovation? I have seen Pharm. Isa’s innovation and its commendable. We will definitely work with him. Can you highlight your innovation, I’ve googled welfare Pharma and can’t find you.

    Lovable Sportsmanship, great Pharmacist all of you.

  28. Pharm isa Muhammad he deserves it , if you know him you won’t doubt him , in fact he has all the qualities that we need .

  29. I vote Timothy Okooboh. I have seen him work at things with consistency and dedication and I’m certain he deserves this. With all sincerity, I encourage you all to vote him too.

  30. #ISAMUHAMMADVICTORIOUS. Please make a fresh thought and come up with a better option. Make no mistake of leaving ISA MUHAMMAD. He is got sincerity and accountability. And above all, his qualities in leadership cuts across every boundary.

    • Not too be a sweet talker or anything, I know Issa Muhammad personally and he’s a leader and very innovative human.. Let’s be honest and give him this chance.

      I wish all of them the best in whatever they do because they are all young, bright and intelligent and I pray their lights will never go down but in all honesty, Issa Muhammad deserves to win this and change the face of our healthcare for life.

      I wish you the very best my friend.

  31. Best of Luck to Isah Muhammad, I have seen his leading role and positive thoughts in pharmacitical information management and analysis.
    Great work indeed! Kudos to Isah Muhammad.

  32. You deserve it Isa Muhammad…
    You’re really an entrepreneur with a zeal to achieve. Best of luck

  33. I wish all of them success, they’re all my children, even though I’ve voted for Isa Muhammad as recommended by someone I know. Good luck to you all

  34. Ezedei Obinna is d man for the d job. He is a very responsible and self reliant person. U deserve to win.

  35. It is what we know that we will talk about. If you know Isa Mohammed and his initiative very well, you will know that he has innovation that will prevent many untimely death in Nigeria. His Innovation is not about any small group of people but about the entire nation. What Tony Elumelu did to Banking Industry is what Issa Muhammad is working to do with Healthcare in Nigeria. It is an innovation that will benefit all Citizens of the Nation irrespective of tribe or religion. So let’s give it to him, Issa Muhammad deserves it. Do not let power be concentrated in the hand of only few people, let not be carried away with financial status or tribe of anyone, let’s look at the quality of what they carry and be well quided. Issa Muhammad all the way.

  36. Pharm. Obinna Ezedei is everything competent, diligent and more, nothing crumbles in his hands, he has sound interpersonal relationship skills too.