Biofem commissions new gastrointestinal solutions


(By Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis)

Have you tried a number of gastrointestinal products and they have not met your need, then this information is for you.A leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, Biofem Pharmaceuticals Limited, has officially launched Rabefast along with other gastrointestinal products like Pylorest and Heliprobe into the Nigerian market.

The event, which took place at the Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos on July 10, 2013, had all the regional managers and directors of the company in attendance.

According to Femi Soremekun, chairman of BiofemPharma, the company’s approach is different because what it offers is total solution.

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“Even if it is diabetes management, we have drugs to treat it, once it has been diagnosed. This will be subsequently followed up by our range of multivitamins. That is why I call it a total solution. However, what we are looking at today are gastrointestinal diseases,” he said.

Harping more on the product, Daniel Awolaja, Biofem’sassistant regionalmanager (East), described Rabefast, a low-priced, high quality brand of rabeprazole, as quite effective against diagnosed cases of ulcer.

He said that the drug is meant to complement other gastrointestinal solutions, such as Pylorest and Heliprobe, which are also produced by BiofemPharmaceuticals.

Corroborating his view, Pharm. DeoluDemehin, Biofem’s regional manager (West), explained that Heliprobe is a machine which was developed by a Swede, and is used in diagnosing the presence of helicobacter pylori.

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“Somebody asked me earlier about the relationship between Rabefast and Heliprobe. It is simple! The presence of helicobacter, as we know can worsen things, when left undetected. It is this machine (Heliprobe) that diagnoses whether a patient has the bacteria.

“If it is positive, the treatment of Pylori is administered, where Rabefast is expected to complete the chain of total solution and wellness,” he remarked.

Interestingly, Deolu disclosed that there is an 80 percent chance that a patient with gastrointestinal problems will test positive to helicobacter pylori.

He noted that, unlike the conventional methods of endoscope, faecal antigen and antibody tests being deployed in some parts of the health sector, Heliprobe is a unique, inexpensive, non-evasive and urial-breath test.

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