Body Language Handwriting analysis in pharmacy practice


By Oladipupo Macjob

Oladipupo Macjob



Have you ever imagined the power in the ability to understand or gain insight into people’s emotions, intelligence or psycological status just by interpreting their handwriting sample? Did you know that 80 per cent of enterprises in France make use of graphology as a major tool in their recruitment processes?

Graphology is the study of all graphic movements, not just handwriting analysis. The graphologist studies doodles, drawings, paintings etc, in order to gain insight into the physical, mental and emotional states of the writer.

Communication through written symbols is a uniquely human endeavour. Humans are the only species that can use graphic symbols to communicate long after they are dead, through art, books, wills, music and so on. Although all graphic movement can be analysed, handwriting is the most accessible for analysis because we teach the subject in our schools and most people can write.

As a personality assessment tool, handwriting analysis helps to point out areas of strength in an individual that can be built on in one’s personality, as well as the potential trouble spots that need to be worked on.

There are two major types of graphological techniques, namely (1) Trait stroke graphology which originated from France; and (2) Gestalt graphology whose origin is Germany. It’s important to note that the trait stroke graphology was the first to be used by many centuries ago. Jean Hippolyte Michon (1806-1881), a French priest and archeologist is proclaimed the father of graphology.

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Graphology and pharmacy practice

The following are the major areas of use of graphology in pharmacy practice:


  1. Personality assessment/recruitment tool

As I mentioned earlier, graphology is a mainstay in the recruitment process in France as well as many other western countries. This is because a handwritten application letter gives more insight into the prospective employee than a typed one. What we call handwriting is actually brain writing because there are people without hands who can draw and write with materials held with their mouth.

Today most pharmaceutical companies hire medical representatives and invest so much in training them even before starting their jobs. Unfortunately some leave the company just few weeks into the job or sometimes immediately after returning from the expensive training done outside the shores of the country. Truth is, some of these employees would not have been brought on board at all if their handwriting had been properly analysed.

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The question is, how many companies would go through the pain of including graphology as part of their recruitment process, which the human resource department must consider?

Many companies do aptitude test but how many do attitude test? Even during oral interviews you are not likely to get all that is required because the theory of Albert Mehrabian on communication says that only 7 per cent of all kinds of communication is verbal. The remaining 93 per cent is non verbal and that is where graphology belongs.

My advice to all companies is to include graphology as part of their recruitment processes; it would save you a lot of money and prevent incalculable damage to your organisation.


  1. Personnel screening

This is very useful especially to human resource managers who need to screen a large number of candidates as part of pre-employment process. It saves a lot of time because there are certain features in handwriting that reveal, like the litmus test, a red alert on the non-suitability of a particular candidate for a job role. Another benefit is that graphology eliminates bias whether gender or otherwise because the handwriting of an individual does not reveal the Gender, race, religion, age or future.

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  1. Personnel precision placement & team building

This is a tool very useful to managers at all levels. By understanding basic parameters to look out for in the handwriting of a team member or subordinate, the manager has a better insight into the personality and he or she knows who can better handle a particular assignment, as well are those to be assigned into different groups in the accomplishment of a particular task.

  1. Community pharmacy practice

As a community pharmacist, are you aware that graphology can help you in employing the most suitable salesperson? Did you know that there are certain parameters in handwriting that reveals a salesperson that is highly disorganised and may likely cause you to lose money?


In the next edition, we shall be sharing basic parameters in handwriting that may assist you in gaining an insight into individuals. Don’t miss it. Always put it at the back of your mind that every stroke of the pen says something about a friend.






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