Body Language:The F-12 Theory in Crisis Management


In the last edition, I discussed a novel concept in crisis manangement, which I called the C.A.M.P Strategy. This comprises:

C:  Calm down

A:  Ask questions from relevant authorities

M:  Motivate yourself to do the needful

P:   Phone a friend, family, reach out to others.

I came up with this tool first as a contribution of my own quota in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which the entire globe is faced with, knowing full well that one ripple effect of the pandemic is susceptibility to mental health issues. Actually, no one is entirely immune to this except there is a deliberate attempt to become conscious and cautious of what emotions you allow and how best to manage yourself at a time like this. This, perhaps is top on the list of your priorities. If you must save the economy, then you must pay keen attention to saving lives.

Again, as much as we all need to support the government at this time, to say the least, it is important for all tiers of government to project the right voice in tandem with their body language, otherwise so much will be done but little achieved because the government is not coming across as trustworthy. In any relationship, trust is germane to its longevity.

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My focus in this edition is targeted at all who have been home for weeks now and facings depletion of funds in their account, so much that there is some kind of panic about the future. Or maybe your own case is that your account balance is seriously on “red” and there is so much panic  within you, not just because of how you will fend for yourself but also because you have the responsibility of taking care of other dependants; For example, family both nuclear and extended, friends, etc.

Body Language:The F-12 Theory in Crisis Management

At this juncture, I would like to introduce to you, for the first time in any publication whatsoever, the F-12 theory in crisis management.  The theory states that “What you know and what you need to know will save you from the heat of a serious crisis”. In order words, after a major crisis, especially a global kind, there are things that will no longer be relevant as they used to. There will be a major shift in the way we were doing things before now. Everyone needs to be well positioned.

Let me say however that one thing which cannot help anyone at this time, even if it has in anyway helped before, is laziness. You need to be more strategic in the way you do things going forward and part of that is by ensuring that you do all to gain access to quality information that is relevant to the current trends. Therefore, an appreciation of the cardinal pillars of the F-12 Theory in crisis management is key, based on my recommendation, and they are as follows:

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Facts:   If it has to do with crisis, there will always be statements that are fact-based and those that are not. To get facts, there is need for one to stay glued to authentic media sources, especially the ones that are government-owned. That kind of authoritative back up is important to clarify doubts. This is not only safe but also ideal.

Fiction: If you have noticed, there are some people who have made it a point of duty to peddle rumours or fabricate conspiracy theories. My advice is that you dissociate yourself from such emotionally draining venture. The truth shall eventually be exhumed someday, its just a matter of time.

Fright:  Naturally, some people are bound to panic over every kind of change initiated by the government ,once it affects their lifestyle in any little way. No matter how much you worry about crisis, you wont solve it that way. You still have to calm down; no need for getting anxious.

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Fury:There is a tendency for anyone to get furious, except he or she is self-aware enough to manage his or her emotions adequately within rational boundaries. The challenge here is, are you going to be found on the side of fury or not? The choice obviously is yours.

Fatality: There are bound to be casualties or eventualities during any crisis.  The moment there is anger, there is danger. Many have died during this COVID-19 season and more people will still die. However, you have a choice to stay alive by choosing to abide by all stipulated guidelines of the relevant authorities, such as the NCDC, and the respective federal and state governments. It is better to err on the side of caution than to err on the side of action. Also, it is always wise not to be on the negative side of the law.

In the next edition, we shall be concluding discussions on the other factors in the F-12 theory. Till then, stay safe, strong and sane.

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