British Pharmaceutical Company, L.D Collins Acquires Cyclogest Globally


A British Pharmaceutical Company, L.D Collins, has obtained the exclusive right for the production of a globally known IVF medication, Cyclogest, which has been used by leading clinicians worldwide to provide women a better chance of conceiving and fulfilling their dream to start a family.

Announcing the acquisition of the drug through a press statement sent to, the management of L.D. Collins & Co Ltd, noted that the successful acquisition of Cyclogest will allow the pharmaceutical company the opportunity to focus on the product and make the clinically important product available to even more women across the world.

LD Collins office

While Cyclogest is currently available in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa & the Middle East, as a drug of choice for thousands of specialist clinicians globally, L.D. Collins has recently registered Cyclogest in 27 countries further, with the intention of launching it across Europe within the next 12 months.

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Tracing the history of the drug, the document revealed companies that have engaged in the distribution of the product prior to this time. Companies like Actavis, Watson and Allergan have all distributed the drug, with thousands of patients having access to Cyclogest in the UK alone.” However, the acquisition by L.D. Collins means that the product will now be serviced by a specialist company dedicated to focusing on the success of Cyclogest”.

LD Collins Logo

“Cyclogest has been prescribed since 1976 to women with pre-menstrual syndrome and post-natal depression. Cyclogest has experienced exponential growth over the last 30 years, and this growth is forecasted to accelerate further in coming years as a result of the successful finding of a recently concluded multimillion-dollar clinical trial invested in by L.D. Collins.

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“The conclusion of the significant study, involving over 700 patients across various countries, will soon be published and has provided Cyclogest an additional Assisted Reproductive Technology indication. This is an immense milestone, allowing this medicine to help even more women across the world”, the statement reads.







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