What can metronidazole be used for?


1 ❏ used for anaerobic infections

2 ❏ used in combination with clarithromycin

3 ❏ used in animal bites

A ❏ 1, 2, 3

B ❏ 1, 2 only

C ❏ 2, 3 only

D ❏ 1 only

E ❏ 3 only


  1. But guests must bring food and cannot use inside toilet

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  2. The answer is A, winners are:Toluwalope and Clement.
    Details below:
    Metronidazole is an anti-infective agent that can be used against anaerobic
    bacteria and protozoa. It can be used in combination with clarithromycin
    where necessary. It is combined with clarithromycin in triple therapy for Heli￾cobacter pylori eradication. Animal bites may be associated with infections
    caused by anaerobic bacteria.


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