Chi- Pharm launches Gynocare to tame vaginal infections


For the benefit of those suffering from vaginal infections, such as Vaginal Candidiasis, Bacteria Vaginosis, Trichomoniasis and other infections, Chi Pharmaceuticals Limited, a leading pharmaceutical company in the country, has launched Gynocare, to tame all forms of vaginal infections.

The launch, which took place at Welcome Centre and Hotels on 29th November, 2012, had several eminent guests such as Prof (Mrs) Rose Anorlu from LUTH; Pharm Ernest Okafor, the managing director, Nemitt pharm limited; Dr Anthony Omolola, national president, Association of General Practice Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN); Pharm (Mrs) Kudi Ligali, commissioner 3, Lagos State Health service commission; Dr Tope Ojo, consultant gynaecologist and HOD of Gynaecology Department, General Hospital, Apapa; Pharm (Mrs) A A Adekoya, HOD, Pharmacy, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Yaba and Dr Steve Onya, managing director, Chi Pharmaceuticals Limited and other health care professionals.

Speaking at the event, Dr Steve Onya disclosed that one thing that made him proud as the MD of Chi Pharm was the fact that all products that come out of the company would have World Health Organisation (WHO) flavour, which according to him shows how committed the company is in bringing good and standard health care products to the people, at affordable rates.

“Chi is a group of companies and we touch people’s lives in every sphere. Chi means different things to different people around the world, but to us it is a group of companies that has over 10,000 workers, while directly or indirectly it has over 25,000 staff; not to talk of secondary employments. Chi Pharm, which focuses on health care, is part of Chi Group, and we are one of the respected pharmaceutical companies in the country, coupled with the fact that we are recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and we have being dealing with gyno related infections for the past twenty years.”

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Meanwhile, in her lecture titled “New trends in the Management of Vulvo – Vaginal Infections, A syndomic approach” Prof Rose Anorlu, who was the Keynote Address Speaker, disclosed that the sexually transmitted infections are very serious infections which are not restricted to Nigeria alone, as they affect people worldwide. She added that a syndromic approach is important because it identifies symptoms, the history and how it can be treated accordingly.

“The reason why sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), are on the increase is because there are not much good hands to treat the infections, and there are not enough standard laboratories for proper diagnosis. Other factors include lack of follow up, which means some patients may not come back after the first treatment, or after the laboratory test had been carried out and the result released. Also, delay in diagnosis could lead to several complications and even death,” she said.

The university don however urged the practitioners to help reduce the complications by paying serious attention to every case of STIs and ensure that the patients come back for proper treatment. “There should be a serious follow up because some patients would not like to come back for treatment due to some reasons, so it is the responsibility of the doctor, or whoever that is handling the treatment, to make sure the patient is being followed up.

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“To carry out a good syndromic management, a good history and examination is necessary, so as to eliminate problems of over treatment and under treatment. It is also good to know the bio-data of the patient, the sexual history, to know if there is any vaginal discharge, the colour of the discharge, the smell of discharge, to know if there is itching, if there is lower abdominal pain. It should also be noted that it is not all vaginal discharge that happens as a result of sexually transmitted infections, so health care providers should be careful about this,” she advised.

Pharm Bunmi Ogbodu, the product manager, Chi Pharm Limited, also spoke about the importance of using Gynocare, Vaginal Ovule. According to her, Gynocare is a realistic and affordable option for the treatment of common abnormal vaginal discharge in women, adding that the product is manufactured using WHO approved guidelines for the management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Speaking about the unique offering of the product, Ogbodu said Gynocare ensures fast relief and resolution of symptoms for mixed infections, it has broad spectrum of action, combination of an anti-fungal agent and two bactericidal anti-biotics; it is manufactured under the WHO approved guidelines and that its presentation, as ovules, guarantees complete release of the active ingredients.

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“Gynacare vaginal ovules have been developed based on the syndromic management approach and it contains two bactericidal antibiotics, Neomycin and Polymyxin B, and the anti-fungal agent Nystatin”.

Speaking on the preventive measures for vaginal infections, Ogbodu advised that people should ensure regular use of condoms, to prevent STIs, they should dry their genital area very well after bathing, they should avoid antibiotic abuse, they should wipe their genital area from front to back after urinating, they should avoid wearing tight jeans or pants for long periods and that they should always wear cotton underwear.

Also speaking, Pharm Ernest Okafor, who was the chairman of the event, disclosed that Chi Pharm is one of the companies to reckon with in the country, and that they have the interest of Nigerians at heart, with their people friendly products. He said that the introduction of Gestomin, a few months ago, by Chi Pharm was a good step in the right direction, because it has put a smile on the faces of those who constantly have problems with their digestive system, adding that Gynocare  is another milestone in that direction.

“I am delighted to be here today and to present to Nigerians, a product that they can rely on and a product that I can boldly recommend to people, for the use of mankind and to the profitability of Chi Pharm,” he said.


  1. Please it came without an applicator how do I use it. Do I put it in my Virginal like that or I’ll peel it

  2. Pls the ovules can’t seem to go into my vagina and it got broken when I tried pushing it in, what should I do?? Pls reply.

  3. How come no one is talking about the bad Smell it has,like it makes me sick, i feel like throwing up after every use

  4. i was having this bad and horrible inching for days and my doctor prescribed Gynocare vaginal ovules, Honestly today is my second day i started using it, no more inching no more discharge and i feel so refreshed, clear and relaxed. i mst complete my dosage

  5. Had serious itching and tissue like discharge and i used it… Today is the 2nd day, and i feel brand new… Its so reliving and flushing … My V..feels born again🤣

  6. amah pls its a girl medicine, so stop and pls for the sake of Christ if u come across any medicine pls ensure to read the leaflet for instruction and stop self medication, its very toxic if orally taken it affects ur kidney nd lung, I just bought mine recently ,nd I went through the leaflet its says it should be inserted not swallowed,its a girls drug not for boys expect u want to insert through the penis,and finally should be used for a short period of time ,so for those who swallowed look for coconut water nd drink to neutralize it ,then go meet a doctor ,thank u

  7. I took it orally for three days instead of inserting it I want to know what is the effect ismy body ssystem in danger, what is the effect. Please would appreciate more if u reply me

  8. I started using this product yesterday I want to know how effective it is,and how does it work for candidiasis and staplococus am having serious discharge?

    • Self medication isn’t good for infection see a doctor I have been suffering from it for 3 years but when I met with d doctor I took various drugs, injection and insertion now am fine

    • i was having this bad and horrible inching for days and my doctor prescribed Gynocare vaginal ovules, Honestly today is my second day i started using it, no more inching no more discharge and i feel so refreshed, clear and relaxed. i mst complete my dosage


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