Choose Faith Over Fear – Take Charge


You are not what you think, but what you THINK, you ARE. – Brian Tracy

The mind is the powerhouse of the body; it is the warehouse that stores all the thoughts. Just like a computer, it stores everything and anything you input in it. If you give the mind positive thoughts, it will process positive thoughts and give you positive thoughts in return.

On the other hand, if you input fear and negative thoughts, it will process fear and negative thoughts and give out feedbacks that will subdue positive atmosphere.

Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

You must be careful about what you think, what you watch, what you see, what you hear and what you believe. In fact, you must be careful about your circle. Where and who you spend your time with matter a lot. This is where you get 80 per cent of what you think, believe and act on.

Coronavirus challenge
There’s no doubt that the world is currently passing through a difficult time because of the coronavirus disease. Experts are in their labs trying to come up with a solution. Countries are battling the health and economic implications of the disease.
As optimists and positive-minded people, we must think and believe that the efforts by the experts will lead the world out of this challenge. This is our prayer.

We believe also that stakeholders in the health sector in Nigeria should think up workable solutions to lead the country out of this quagmire. Government should, as a matter of urgency, equip the health sector to be effective and efficient. Coronavirus disease has exposed appalling inadequacy in the health sector. There should be urgent actions to address this.

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However, you and I should take charge of what happens within us. Taking charge is a choice. We can choose to be afraid at a time like this and continue to be in panic mode; and we can also choose to be courageous.

I know that panic mode creates a very strong atmosphere of anxiety that makes one to act without thinking. I also know that courage will make you triumph through a tough situation. You must choose faith over fear. You must choose courage over anxiety.

Right mindset
As we go through this challenging times, I encourage everyone to develop the right mindset. I watched the brilliant presentation by the World Health Organisation Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, where he encouraged people to be hopeful and courageous while looking after their mental and physical health.

Ghebreyesus advised everyone to be mindful of what they watch or listen to during this pandemic. He believes that some news may weaken the minds of some sets of people. He however advised that we should listen to news from reliable sources once or twice in a day at this period that the world is battling COVID-19. He encouraged everyone to use this period to bond with their families, and reach out to neighbours and their communities. He also listed health tips to adhere to.

I totally agree with him. We need to be alive to defeat coronavirus disease. We need to take charge within – in order to conquer our environment.

W.H.O enumerated safety measures that will help contain the spread of the disease. These include:
1. Constant cleaning of hands with alcohol-based rub, or with soap and water. Use of hand sanitizer is advised where soap and water aren’t available.
2. Avoid touching our faces.
3. Social distancing: keep safe distance of six feet when you are with people.
4. Observe respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.
5. Stay at home if you can.
6. Seek medical attention immediately, if you feel sick.

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These tips are not rocket science. The federal government and various state governments have also introduced several measures that will help contain the spread of the disease. Stakeholders are also looking for ways to find solutions to the economic aspect of it. Government, Organisations and several captains of industry have donated funds to ameliorate the effect of the disease on the economy. This is the way to go.

My aim of writing today is to assuage our fears. A lot of folks are not helping matters at a time like this. As stated earlier, these sets of people promote news that weaken the mind. They even spread unverified scaring news in their quests to intensify fear in the already frightened environment! This is wrong.

Communicating professionally is ideal at this time and all the times. When we communicate, we should send out the right information without necessarily amplifying fear. This is the communication style of the W.H.O Director. We should emulate the method. The right communication method should educate, inform, inspire and encourage.

You are unique. You are special in this space. Don’t allow situations determine how you think and act. You must be in charge at all times.
The power to take charge of your environment is within you. Win from within!

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Your duty is to observe the safety measures. You must do these religiously. Once this is done, live your life; move on with the right mindset.

Fearmongers want to make you believe that when you look at, or talk to someone, you contract coronavirus! They want you to believe that coronavirus is airborne, even when W.H.O says it is not. They just want you to be afraid. Say a big NO to fearmongering! Just follow the safety measures and all will be fine.

The world is working tirelessly to discover a cure for this disease. The solution is near, I am hopeful, I believe you are too. Let’s go through this with the right mindset, while we allow experts to do their jobs.

In the final analysis, Faith and Courage will conquer fear.
Don’t allow the atmosphere of fear to determine your actions. Nothing great happens in a fearful mood. Being careful and wise doesn’t mean being fearful. Fearfulness is not a virtue. Coronavirus disease has put the world in a battle mood and we must be courageous and wise to win the fight. You must be courageous and wise at battle times. To win this battle, we must be Courageous, Wise and Faithful.

Taking charge of your day is possible.
Taking control of your world is doable.The factor that makes the difference is the man at the centre and that Man is You!


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