Clinical Scientists Call For Joint Collaboration to Reach Grassroots

Clinical Scientists Call For Joint Collaboration to Reach Grassroots
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The Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Lagos (UNILAG), has called for joint collaboration in research and practice to reach the grassroots.

The clinical scientists made the call in Lagos during its 18th annual conference and gathering with the theme: “A Sick Eye in a Sick Body: Multidisciplinary Team as a Research Tool”.

The Guest Speaker, Prof. Adeola Onakoya, a Professor of Ophthalmology and Head, Glaucoma Services, CMUL, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), said that the conference was about the impact of collaboration.

She said that as clinicians, the members looked after the body, human beings.

“And what we’re trying to say is that no one can work in isolation”.

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According to her, there are different specialties in medicine, hence the need to collaborate and work together to have an integrative system to improve the health care system.

Speaking, Prof. Folasade Akinsola, Dean, Faculty Of Clinical Science, said that the guest speaker went through what one could called anatomical foundations.

She talked about the importance of parts of the body, likening them to the field of clinical science and medicine in general.

“The brain is a very important organ in the body. Once there is no brain, there is no person.

The eyes are the offshoots of the brain and vessels that are in the eyes are vessels which could also affect the vessels all over the body. If you have issues with the vessels in the eyes, then you have issues all over your entire body.”

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She said that the issue was about jointly collaborating to reach the grassroots, noting that the government must also help the specialists .

Also, Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, Vice-Chancellor, UNILAG, said that the public starts with the medical community, but that they must also collaborate with the civil society organisations (CSOs) and NGOs.

Ogunsola said that the NGOs and civil societies were doing a better job of reaching and engaging the grassroots.

She said that within the hospital setting and doctors, they were beginning to realise that they must do a lot more in working with communities.

“I am aware that there has also been a lot of push to go into the communities, she said.

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