COVID-19 Survivor Offers Respite in “Work in Progress”


Mr Sam Enudi, a New York based Nigerian, says his book “Work in Progress” provided a multidimensional approach to solving everyday life struggles.

Enudi told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in an interview in Yenagoa, that his interest in seeking a way out of troubles and life challenges culminated into writing the book.

He said the intention was to offer solution to the numerous challenges faced by humanity in the quest for survival across multiple health scenarios especially the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enudi, a Social Crusader from Delta, holds a degree in Psychology and Business Administration.

He said that the book was available on Amazon’s book platform ‘Kindle’ on Feb. 15.

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According to him, it covers different aspects of human struggles such as mental health, social expectations, and financial disparity.

“This book extensively discusses self-growth and development in the context of physical, emotional, financial, and mental struggles and provides a viable panacea to overcoming them.

“Work in Progress is a thought-provoking lone hope in the struggle for peaceful human existence, guiding the reader towards a fulfilled lifestyle through minor attitude adjustments.

“I witnessed the massive loss of human lives and its attendant challenges during the pandemic.

“As one of the survivors, I was motivated to come up with an encouraging and healing outlook on life to enable the society to find strength in life challenges.

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“The book will help people work on their self-development and self-growth for a self-healing journey,” Enudi said. (NAN) (


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