DiversifyRx Partners Pharmalliance to Build Retail Pharmacists’ Capacity


Dr Lisa Faast, CEO DiversifyRx and Pharm. Adeshina Opanubi, CEO Pharmalliance

DiversifyRx, a South Lake, Texas based capacity building organisation, dedicated to saving independent pharmacies from extinction and Pharmalliance, Africa’s premier retail pharmacy business network, have signed a partnership, aimed at building the entrepreneurial capacity of African retail pharmacists starting with Nigeria.

Under this strategic alliance, CEOs of the two organisations, Dr Lisa Faast and Pharm. Adeshina Opanubi, said they will collaborate on a range of initiatives designed to provide training, education, and business development opportunities for owners and the entire workforce of community pharmacies in Africa. The partnership will also grant Pharmalliance members access to the specially curated premium content in the Pharmacy Badass University website. This would help in upskilling the community pharmacy workforce in Africa thereby raising the bar of practice while ensuring profitability and sustainability of the retail pharmacy sector.

“We are thrilled to partner with Pharmalliance to add the much-needed value to the practice of community pharmacy in Africa starting with Nigeria” remarked Faast, CEO of DiversifyRx. “By working together, we can launch mutually beneficial initiatives that will enrich the practice of community pharmacy both in Nigeria and the USA. We acknowledge the giants strides of Pharmalliance in the last ten years in Nigeria and look forward to working with them as they conquer new frontiers in the future. From our initial discussions, we have already identified key areas of collaboration that will benefit both markets and we look forward to exploring more opportunities as they present themselves”.

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“We are excited to partner with DiversifyRx to help deepen the knowledge base of community pharmacists especially in the art and science of retail”, said Opanubi, founder and project catalyst of Pharmalliance.  “Together, we will make a significant difference in the businesses of members of the Pharmalliance network as they continually strive to be best in class wherever they practice. We believe this will definitely have a spillover effect in the general practice landscape as members share best practices with their colleagues who may not be members of the Pharmalliance Network”.

He continued: “The partnership, under the agreed terms of reference would grant members of Pharmalliance access to the premium pharmacy-based content warehoused in the Pharmacy badass University- an online learning platform powered by DiversifyRx.  Faast, founder of DiversifyRx and promoter of the Pharmacy Badass University is a globally recognised authority when it comes to issues of pharmacy marketing, operations and strategic positioning.  As part of the partnership, Dr Faast, would also host specialised learning sessions for the Pharmalliance Network, where locally relevant retail pharmacy would be discussed.

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“I am overly excited at the birthing of this great initiative. A number of Pharmalliance members already follow Faast on Linkedin and Youtube and are glad to be interfacing with her personally at this time. We really can’t wait for these activities to kick in”, said Grace Ikani, the chairperson of the Pharmalliance management team.

DiversifyRx is a Texas USA based capacity building organisation committed to helping all pharmacy owners make pharmacy profitable again through diversifying revenue streams and increasing operational efficiency in their pharmacy .DiversifyRx offers free educational resources paid services for independent pharmacy owners and staff so their pharmacies can kick start  and thrive.

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Pharmalliance is Africa’s premier retail pharmacy business network, providing cutting edge business support services to retail pharmacies in Nigeria. With a national store footprint in excess of 220 stores and a combined annual turnover of over N70 billion, Pharmalliance is a subscription based business network with an active membership base of about 100 distinct retail pharmacy businesses.


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