Don’t Just Sow a Seed, Water it


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn.

Recently, I took my boys, Giovanni and Darren, in a 90-minute session on School of Life Series. I told them that I would teach them what they wouldn’t learn in their schools. They listened to me attentively as I explored the concept of “Life is likened to a Computer” – you receive what you put in it, and whatever you sow, you reap. Therefore, if you plant yam, you reap yam.

Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

The younger one, Darren, who is 9, asked an instructive question that informed the topic of this article. He asked, ‘’ Daddy, why is it that sometimes when you plant, the seed won’t grow’’? The question seemed simple but required a broad explanation. I asked if he had experienced that before and he told me how he once planted a seed in our compound but, astonishingly, the seed didn’t grow as he expected. He couldn’t reconcile the outcome with what I said that when you plant, you reap.

The Sales Process (2)

As a professional trainer, I knew a big job was staring at me; the job of explaining to my sons why the seed didn’t grow! Consequently, I began my explanation. I told them that when you plant, you must ensure the following:

  1. The seed planted must be a good one.
  2. The seed must be planted in a fertile soil.
  3. The soil must be watered and cared for.
  4. The person sowing the seed must be knowledgeable enough in the world of farming.
  5. The season of planting must be right.
  6. Then pray.

My boys nodded, as I unraveled the process that leads to successful planting and reaping. This took place on the third day of the first two-week lockdown.

Some people may have planted various seeds at different times without receiving bountiful harvests. This is true because sometimes we experience what we least expected. Life is not automatic!


Beyond planting

The main issue is not to plant a seed. Everyone can dig the ground and plant seeds. But the crux of the matter is to care for the seed. The main issue is to go the process that ensures bountiful harvest.

In Sales, you Must Define your Direction

I believe that anyone that plants peeps into the future. Therefore, the sower must go the extra mile to water and care for the plant to ensure success when the time of reaping comes. In our individual endeavours, the question we should ask always is: Are we truly following the process that guarantees successful outcomes? This question applies in all situations. It applies in our families, in businesses, in professional lives, in careers, in vocations and so on.

Are you really planting in a fertile soil? Are you watering and caring for what you planted? Success is a practical endeavour. Nobody succeeds by mere wishing. Success is not served on a platter. You must work your success. You must take one step at a time to climb the Success Ladder. You must do this diligently.

This is the right time to review your strategy. You need to find out creative ways to get better even if you think you are doing well already. You need to review and discover better ways of doing things in order to reach your planned destination.

In Sales, Credibility is a Product

Your seed can grow exponentially if you follow the right process.  Yes! Your seeds can grow beyond your imagination if you just adhere to the right principles. Success is about following the right principles.

As the world is passing through a phase because of COVID-19, this is the right time for reflection to rediscover the true you. The world may be on lockdown, but let your mind not be on lockdown.

May our seeds grow exponentially and astronomically, amen.


Stay Positive.

Stay Safe.

Stay Healthy.

Read A Book.


George O. Emetuche, CES,

Brian Tracy endorsed bestselling author, accredited training consultant, life coach, sales and marketing expert.


P.S: Due to the lockdown, the date for our Masterclass is shifted indefinitely. A new date will be announced accordingly.


  1. George, thank you immensely for ever being down to earth and very practical in your presentations. I really gain a lot from them. I am convinced the youth gain more. I wish you more of the anointing!


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