Driving Universal Health Coverage in Africa: Key Insights from Pharma West Africa 2024


HubCare’s Vision is to Democratise Healthcare for Africans- Kareem
Pharm. Sesan Kareem

The inaugural Pharma West Africa conference, orchestrated by Jamie Hill and Pharm. Ahmed I. Yakasai, mni, FPSN, proved to be a milestone event, showcasing excellence and fostering intellectual exchange. This high-calibre gathering not only demonstrated the capacity of West Africa to host international-standard conferences but also provided invaluable insights for driving universal health coverage (UHC) across the continent.

As a member of the planning committee and a leader in the healthcare sector, I found the experience to be enriching. Here, I share my five key takeaways from this ground-breaking event:

Leveraging new frontiers in pharma for UHC

Pharma West Africa placed a spotlight on the importance of harnessing advancements in technology, data analytics, healthcare ecosystems, regulatory frameworks, financing mechanisms, and innovative business models to propel the UHC agenda forward. These “new frontiers” offer promising solutions for overcoming barriers to healthcare access and delivery in West Africa and beyond.

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Building a robust network

The conference served as an invaluable platform for connecting with esteemed professionals in the West African pharmaceutical sector. It facilitated the rekindling of old friendships and the cultivation of new business and professional relationships. The power of networking cannot be overstated, and this conference exemplified its ability to foster collaboration and drive collective progress.

Exploring lucrative business opportunities

Pharma West Africa opened doors to collaborations that have the potential to significantly advance the vision of HubCare Health and HubPharm Africa in Africa. Whether it was securing meetings with potential partners or reconnecting with esteemed mentors, such as Ogheneochuko Omaruaye, Lere Baale, and Badejoko Ayodimeji, the event underscored the vast array of opportunities for forging impactful partnerships in advancing UHC efforts across Nigeria and beyond.

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Reflection and validation

Engaging with industry leaders and subject matter experts at Pharma West Africa provided a rare opportunity to reflect on the work of HubCare Health and HubPharm Africa. The discussions held during the conference served to reaffirm that our vision, mission, and strategic approach are aligned with industry best practices, instilling confidence in our ability to achieve our objectives as a healthcare start-up.

The transformative power of goodwill

The exemplary leadership and character exhibited by the conference chairman, Alhaji Ahmed I. Yakasai, left an indelible impression on attendees. His past contributions to the industry garnered widespread respect and admiration, evident in the remarkable turnout at the event, with participants travelling from across the region and beyond. This reaffirms the profound impact that a leader who genuinely cares for people can have on inspiring collective action and driving positive change.

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In conclusion, as we eagerly anticipate Pharma West Africa 2025, slated for 18-20 March, I am committed to:

  1. Implementing the valuable insights garnered from the conference to drive meaningful impact in our work.
  2. Maximising the potential of the newfound professional relationships forged during the event.
  3. Witnessing the continued growth and success of HubCare Health and HubPharm Africa.
  4. Contributing actively to the realisation of UHC in Nigeria and beyond by leveraging the emerging frontiers of the African pharmaceutical landscape.

AFFIRMATION: I contribute my quota to UHC in Nigeria. I am blessed and highly favoured.

Sesan Kareem is the founder of HubPharm Africa, a digital pharmacy that provides medicine delivery and extraordinary care, www.hubpharmafrica.com, and the principal consultant of SK Institute, www.sesankareem.com.ng


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