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Treasures are valuable resources that help to add meaning, beauty and riches to whosoever discovers or possesses them. Life has many of such resources, but more importantly, God has deposited in each of us treasures that are meant to ensure that no individual lives on earth aimlessly or worthlessly.

Like many other valuable resources however, our inborn treasures are not always easily discerned. It sometimes takes a lot of introspection to discover them, and even greater effort to develop and harness them to achieve their fullest impact. This is why the author has chosen to dwell on the treasures of natural talents and gifts in this volume of Pharmanews series of books on life.

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Get the Latest Volume of Pharmanews Books- Treasures of Life
Treasures of Life cover page

Everything in life revolves around our natural and spiritual endowments. It is in them that we find the essence of our existence, the direction that God intends for our destinies, as well as the key to our happiness and fulfillment in life. Many have passed through life without discovering or developing their God –given resources- much to their discontent and eventual frustration. But for as many as have explored and exploited their inner possibilities, the world has been blessed by their contributions, and God and His kingdom have been glorified.

The book, made up of ten chapters, and 98 pages, is very insightful, concisely written, and full of relevant qualitative images to drive home the subjects of discussion.

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Indeed, you will prosper beyond your imagination if you pay careful attention to the principles contained in this volume.

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