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This piece was written in commemoration of this year’s Fathers Day, marked on 18 June, 2023. Globally, certain health issues are more associated with men than women. Our present focus is on cardiovascular health and stress.

Arteriosclerosis (calcium deposits) and atherosclerosis (cholesterol and /or fat deposits) are hardening of the arteries. This is caused by calcium and /or fat deposits on the interior walls of the arteries and also by cross-linking. This greatly reduces the blood flowing through the arteries and produces blockage in blood circulation caused by the molecular crossing, which is produced by the free radicals.

The most common symptoms are high blood pressure, angina pectoris, aneurysm and heart attack. Others include cerebral stroke, thrombosis, formation of blood clots, memory loss, lack of concentration, fatigue, weakness, muscular contractions and pain when walking.

An aneurysm is the dilation or enlarging of the arteries, caused by an increase in blood pressure when the artery is blocked. Aneurysms are very dangerous because they put pressure on the surrounding tissues, and can cause a bursting of the artery, leaking blood from same.

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The location determines the problems caused. If in the brain, it can cause partial paralysis. It can happen anywhere in the body. Many of the stories we hear about death during long distance travel are examples.

Sclerosis on the other hand is caused by inadequate nutrition, consumption of foods high in cholesterol (which deposits in the arteries) such as animal fats in red meats, eggs (yolk), as well as stress, lack of exercise, nicotine addiction and arterial hypertension.

Many agents found in the body are cross-linkers. One of these called aldehyde is found in cigarette smoke and smog; it can also be formed in the liver by alcohol consumption. Free radicals and UV rays (ultraviolet light) are very potent cross-linkers.

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Suggested natural remedies

Lower the consumption of foods that are high in cholesterol.

Increase consumption of high density fats (HDL) and unsaturated fatty acids (EPA) and Omega 3. These are available in salmon, tuna and other cold, fresh and Arctic water fish.

Use olive oil (oleic acid) and GLA (gamma-linoleic acid). These products help to eliminate the low density cholesterol (LDL) in the arteries (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides which are deposited in and clog the arteries

Note: Cholesterol is found only in animal sources.

To lower your cholesterol, do the following :

Eliminate red meats (beef and pork) and meats high in fat

Eggs, no more than three yolks a week

Limit consumption of Shrimps and oysters

Reduce fried foods, pork sausage, sugar and flour

Avoid cigarettes, coffee and alcohol

Limit your intake of butter, cream, cheese, vegetable and animal fats.

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Reduce salt

Avoid artificial seasonings

Add the following to your diet :

Fish, tuna, salmon, sardines, Atlantic mackerel

Almonds, nuts.

Wheat germ, soybeans, garbanzo.

Skinless chicken, turkey

Olive oil

Lots of fibres

Lots of fruits

Garlic, onions


Arctic Sea Omega 3, garlic-thyme, aloe vera gel, Cardio-Health and Argi Plus.

We encourage our men to pay particular attention to their cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Our discussion next month will continue with stress.

References :


Guide to Natural Remedies for Health and Well-Being by Enrique Garza Gutierrez BSc, C. Ht.

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