How Committed Are You?


If you want things to happen in your life, you need to be committed. With commitment, you can change your life. You can change your relationships, health, business and so on.  When you love your work, you get committed to it. The passion you have for your work will get you committed. Commitment will stretch you to explore your potentials and achieve greater things.

Your road to success is through commitment. You may be interested in a project and do it when it is convenient. But being interested does not mean you are committed. If you are merely interested, you give excuses or reasons for non-performance. You tell stories to explain your failure or inability. But if you are really committed, you do it whether convenient or not.

Mind your own gift
Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi

Two things must be borne in mind. Are you focusing on results of activities or focusing on reasons for not taking the necessary actions and achieving the desired results? Only results count; reasons and excuses do not.

It is important to be committed in order to be productive and successful. When you do that, you discover certain things about yourself which you did not know. You discover your strengths and gifts which had remained latent. If you know that what you want to do is right and beneficial to you and other people, tackle it with confidence and ignore opposition, discouragements and distractions.

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Just give yourself some justifiable reasons for doing what you want to do. Such reasons will energise and motivate you. Good reasons for doing certain things will inspire and spur you to action.

For the past 45 years, I have consistently attended the PSN annual conferences in various state capitals. It has not at all been easy or convenient for me every year, but because of my commitment, I have overcome the distractions by other conflicting activities during the conference period. I dedicate that period and give it priority among other important engagements.

I have always committed to writing books every year, despite the fact that sometimes I feel like skipping a year. It is the same spirit that has kept Pharmanews going every month for the past 39 years. Usually, I like to commit to things that shape my life and take me to my destiny. I invest my time, treasures and values on such activities.

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Some people are not committed to their work. Their work is just a means of earning their salary. They go to work to receive more than they are giving. They may go late and leave early. They use the office time to do some private things and spend their time chatting on social media. Such staff are not committed to their work and they are the ones to be fired because of low productivity.

Usually a good percentage of workers are in this category. A Gallup pool shows that only 13 per cent of workers are psychologically attached to their work. 24 per cent are actively disengaged. They are the ones who can work against their company’s goals and policies. In fact, they can bring the company down. 63 per cent are not engaged. They are only going through daily motions and not concerned with their input or results of their efforts.

  1. D. Jakes has said, “Without commitment, nothing happens.” You cannot achieve your targets or goals if you are not committed to them. Your goals just turn to mere New Year resolutions which do not last more than a few months. “Commitment leads to actions. Action brings your dream closer,” said Marcia Wielder.
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People look up to leaders who are sure of where they want to go and want to do. They are committed to their plans for success. In the same way, leaders look up to committed followers for their input and help. They know they can depend on them at all times. Followers who are not committed can let down their leaders at any time.

I love how Jesus painted the picture of commitment to the Kingdom of God. In Mark 9:47-48, He says, “If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, rather than having two eyes, to be cast into hell fire, where there worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.” There can be no commitment without a sacrifice or form of loss.  You must give up something vital or essential. Those who are not prepared for that cannot achieve any great thing.



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