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As Pharmanews marks 42 years of uninterrupted publication and service to healthcare professionals, manufacturers, policy makers, regulators, educators, students and indeed all stakeholders in the healthcare sector, our reporter, OMOLOLA FAMODUN, sought the opinions of some of our readers on what they think of the journal. Their views are presented below:

Pharmanews, foremost source of information and awareness on public health – Pharm. (Engr) Olatunji Koolchap

Pharmanews has become the foremost healthcare journal over time in Nigeria, West Africa and the Diaspora. It is a widely read pharmaceutical journal and has served as a source of information, education and publicity about medicines and current trends in public health and creation of awareness.

It is a medium for showcasing the activities and programmes of healthcare professionals and organanisations, local and international. Activities of all the technical arms of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), and the Nigerian Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) are so ubiquitous through this medium. Students affairs and young professionals practising also become visible through this medium.

Pharmanews has been consistently produced for 42 years and this is why I really felicitate with the publisher, Pharm. (Sir) Ifeanyi Atueyi, who is also the vice president of the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy (NAPharm), on this august occasion. The organisation will continue to go from strength to strength, while I pray for sustainability and continuity.

God bless the publisher, the members of staff and Pharmanews Limited abundantly, Amen.

Pharm. Olatunji Koolchap

Pharmanews sensitised us to the practice environment, as students – Pharm Abiodun Ajibade FPSN (Immediate past chairman, PSN Oyo State Branch)

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In my days at the pharmacy school of the University of Ibadan, in the late 80s and early 90s, there was always a big stack of Pharmanews kept in our school library, from month to month. It was always sent to the library in a cellophane bag and, as students, we had the opportunity to be familiar with several brands of pharmaceutical products advertised. As students, we were having information on the real world practice environment in Nigeria and the personalities in pharmacy leadership.

To me, I was getting the information about my future and that perhaps might have been the reason for my interest in coming forward for leadership positions in Pharmacy. All through my student life and after qualifying as a pharmacist, this journal remained like a rock of Gibraltar!

Congratulations to the entire team that has made this journal part of Pharmacy story for the past 42 years. Congratulations to our own highly revered and dear Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi, FPSN, for his resilience and commitment through  thick and thin. Pharmanews is obviously part of our life and we celebrate this uncommon success over these four decades.

Pharmanews, paragon of resilience, consistency and editorial excellence – Pharm. Taiwo Olawehinmi

Taiwo Olawehinmi

Pharmanews represents, for me, the evidence of sheer resilience and admirable consistency. Being an advocate of representation for the pharmacy profession, it is great to see a national publication for pharmacists, by pharmacists.

It is also delightful to see the inter-professional collaboration reflected in some of the articles. It is my hope that Pharmanews will continue to ride on the waves of innovation and technology, to deliver premium health contents to healthcare professionals in Nigeria and beyond. Indeed, Pharmanews represents for me (and I believe many pharmacists), the quintessence of editorial excellence. I am excited about what the future holds for Pharmanews. Happy Anniversary, Pharmanews!

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Pharmanews has excelled to become transgenerational – Pharm. Biola Paul-Ozieh FPCPharm, FPSN

Biola Paul-Ozieh

It is with great delight that I congratulate the Founder/Publisher, Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi, and the management team of Pharmanews on the 42nd anniversary of the foremost pharmaceutical journal.

I recall my brief stint at Pharmanews, between June 1995 and December 1996, as an associate editor. I joined Pharmanews then to edit the Nigerian Drug Index and thereafter worked with the editorial team for the monthly production of Pharmanews.

That was a trying period for Pharmanews and with the benefit of hindsight I can say our boss, Pharm. Ifeanyi Atueyi FPSN, displayed a rare sense of responsibility and courage in the face of daunting challenges. Many other pharma publication have come and gone but here we are celebrating Pharmanews at 42.

Sir Atueyi, I celebrate your tenacity of purpose, sense of commitment to Pharmacy,  agility to serve, as well as your leadership role in attracting and retaining young and vibrant team players, who stood by you to cause a turnaround in Pharmanews. You are an epitome of determination, hard work, thoroughness and discipline.

The reinventing and repositioning of Pharmanews in the early 2000s as not only a pharma journal but a healthcare journal was a great achievement that has yielded better results and improved Pharmanews’ acceptability and coverage in the health sector. Pharmanews has therefore become transgenerational.

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My stay at Pharmanews provided me with opportunities to write editorials and proofread scripts. It was not a wasted time as what I learnt then became useful when I served at the ACPN National Drug Information Centre in my early years in community pharmacy, as a member of the Drug Bulletin editorial team.

Once again, congratulations to you, sir, and your entire editorial team. Wishing Pharmanews greater strides in the years ahead.

Pharmanews still a pacesetter and record-breaker – Daniel Eze

I wish to unveil my knowledge, attitudes and perceptions (KAP) about Pharmanews. Wow! It is 42 years old. It has grown old, yet still waxing strong, breaking records and setting the pace in all and sundry.

For me, Pharmanews is the hub of public health information, an epitome of pharmacy practice, the pedagogy of food and nutrition, news and online polls. These attributes are in line with its mission statement: to be the number source of timely, accurate and insightful information relating to health and wellbeing of the general public. (The Pharmanews app is now on Play store, download and thank me later).

Pharmanews recognises innovation and active involvement of young pharmacists and pharmacy students in public healthcare, community health/social development, and drug research and development, among other evidence-based criteria. The publishing firm continues with such initiative to honour whoever emerges the Pharmanews Young Pharmacist of the Year and Pharmanews PANSite of the year through rigorous processes.

I see Pharmanews Nigeria as my pacesetter. I have no doubt to rate Pharmanews as a firm characterised by high level of excellence, uncompromised integrity, unbiased transparency and fair play.


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