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 In this enlightening chat with Temitope Obayendo, Pharm. Alfred Imonite Kio, the superintendent pharmacist of Duwin Pharmaceutical & Chemical Company Ltd., Lagos,  reveals, among other valuable beauty tips, how constant use of sunscreen products and herbal cream formulations can delay the ageing process in humans. Excerpts:


What motivated Duwin Pharmaceutical to go into cosmetics production and circulation?

The connection of Duwin with cosmetic products is through her sister company named Edkeen Industries Ltd., which is into the manufacturing of Movate brand of cosmetic products, where I served as the general manager.

Edkeen went into cosmetics production to meet the needs of consumers for customised and better formulated products that impart beauty, nourishment and protection to the skin and hair of the users. The company is also capitalising on the positive reputation of the brand name Movate has acquired in ethical pharmaceuticals.

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The world is rapidly going herbal in health-related matters. Are there some natural molecules that can enhance body beauty aside from artificial cream?


Well-formulated cosmetic products, when used by the consumer, ensureprotection of the skin, cleanliness, personal hygiene and nourishment to the body; thereby promoting the health of the individual.

Formulation of herbal creams in cosmetic products add useful enhancement to the beauty of the body. Examples are aloe vera gel, jojoba, shea butter, neem oil and even fruit acids like glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid and tartaric acid. These natural molecules have different enhancement properties to the body of individuals. These properties are cleansing, lightening, moisturising, protecting, and so on.


As a stakeholder in the beauty and cosmetics industry, how effective is the anti-ageing and sunscreen claims of some creams?

Sunscreen products, from the name, are basically intended to prevent harshness of sunlight on the skin of individuals. It is well known that harsh sunlight can lead to sunburn, darkening of the skin, skin cancer and dermatitis. These symptoms are more common in the North, where the sun is harsher.


Use of sunscreen prevents these symptoms. Continuous use of sunscreen products prevents development of wrinkles and sagging skin and this property is referred to as anti-aging. Sunscreen agents, when used with skin lightening products, enhance lightening effect because of the sunscreen property.


It was once reported that deodorants have adverse effects on users. Is this true?

Deodorants are used to prevent body odour. They are mostly formulated with perfumes and anti-perspirants. Anti-perspirants have aluminum salts in their formulation. When applied to the skin, mostly the armpit, the aluminum moiety reacts with the electrolytes to form a gel. This gel blocks the sweat pores, thereby reducing perspiration or sweating. But aluminum salts are implicated in allergic reactions in some people and contact dermatitis in others.

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So, which would you advise for use: perfumes or deodorants?

It is advisable to use perfumes or deodorants without aluminum salts.


What is your advice to dealers in the industry, as regards circulation of counterfeit products?

Counterfeit products, from the name, are never the same as the original products. There could be defects in formulation, production procedure, purity of raw materials, etc. Their use could be dangerous to the health of the consumers. For instance, use of substandard relaxers can burn or damage one’s hair and even burn the underlying skin. The general advice is that dealers should avoid counterfeit products. 


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