Key strategies for achieving optimum health in 2017


Do you want to have a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a fulfilled spirit this new year? Then these three master principles discussed here are for you.

What is optimum health?

Optimum health can simply be described as a complete state of well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. In other words, for a person to be termed healthy, he must be physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually sound. Each of these components, without the other  is null and void. They all work together as a system.

A person may be physically fit but if he is suffering from any mental disorder like bipolar disorder, psychosis, dementia or even forgetfulness then the person is not healthy. A person may be physically and mentally sound, but if he has emotional problems like depression or persistent stress, then the person is not healthy. Achieving optimum health is all about achieving high physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

Optimum health is the foundation of a good life. Without optimum health every other aspect of our life – our relationship, career, business, happiness and impact – will suffer. Most highly successful people know this and this places a high premium on their health. They realise that for them to achieve their full potentials, health is a MUST and not an option.

Selling With Kindness

I’ve helped a myriad of people enjoy a better quality life through my wellness and healthy living training and coaching.  Below are the three key strategies to achieve optimum health.

Listen to your body

Are you thirsty? Are you hungry? Do you need rest? Are you deprived of sound sleep? Whatever your body needs, just listen to it and do it immediately.

Our body is the container that houses our mind and spirit. The mind and spirit cannot function optimally if the body is not in the best shape. When the container (body) is in trouble, the contents (mind and spirit) become comatose.

How can you be fit and strong? Consciously always know your health numbers, eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, drink adequate clean water, relax often, detoxify your system regularly and stay away from anything your body reacts to. Apply all these simple yet powerful strategies and you can be fit and strong, filled with energy and vitality, and experience a healthy body with all its benefits.

Honour your mind

Powerful and mighty is the human mind. It can build or destroy. The state of our mind has a stupendous effect on the state of our health. Great health starts from the right frame of mind.

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How can you honour your mind? Always think positively, reject rejection, manage stress effectively, never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you, laugh often, smile always, feed your mind with positivity and always surround yourself with good, motivated and successful people.

Strengthen the fibre of your mind to be bigger than any problem. Apply all these strategies day in, day out, and you will experience a peaceful mind and a good life.Kareem

Savour your spirit

Every day, our body is getting old naturally, our mind is growing constantly, and our spirit is looking out for fulfillment regularly. How can you savour your spirit? Be grateful for all things and everything. You can’t be grateful and be fearful at the same time. You can’t be grateful and be angry. You can’t be grateful and feel miserable.

Always count your blessings. Share happiness, contribute to other people’s success, fall in love with what you do, always think of other people’s benefits in whatever you do, keep growing and improving, live each day with passion and enthusiasm and be the best you can be. Then, you will experience a fulfilled spirit and a purposeful life.

Wellness: A Gift from God


Whenever I ask people to tell me their priorities in life. Most times, their response is this order: God, family, friendship, purpose, business and personal wellbeing. But the bitter truth is that the foremost in our priorities should be our wellbeing. A person who is sick or experiencing poor health cannot serve God effectively, enjoy his relationship, fulfill his life’s purpose or build a successful business or career.

If you’re really serious about having a superb year, then you must place premium on your health. To experience a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a fulfilled spirit this year and beyond, listen to your body, honour your mind and savour your spirit. The world is your oyster. Great health is in your hands.

ACTION PLAN: What are the daily habit you must adapt to experience a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a fulfilled spirit?

AFFIRMATION: What I feed my body, mind and spirit I become. I commit to optimum health.


Sesan Kareem is a prolific author, health and life strategist and a human capacity development consultant. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.


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