Longevity Through Nutrition and Lifestyle


Chinma Ejimofor

The World Health Organisation says about 75 per cent of deaths in the last ten years were preventable. This means that if we could adjust our lifestyle, we can prolong our days and live in good health. This also tells me that I can contribute to my healthy status. At 70, will you be an asset or a liability?

24-hour body cycle for good health

Elimination phase (4am – 10am):

At this time, we must help our body to eliminate the waste from yesterday

Drink lots of water (room temperature water).

Engage in physical exercise. It aids defecation/urination.

Take uncooked breakfast like fruits, juices, smoothies and protein shakes.

Replenishment phase (10 am – 8 pm):

Eat foods that repair more, as well as fruits and vegetables, high in vitamin and anti-oxidants.

Rejuvenation phase (8pm- 4am):

Sleep and repair.

Go to bed early, ensure you sleep 5-8 hours daily.

Allow body repair to happen as you sleep.

The nutrients obtained from the food earlier eaten are used to repair the body as you sleep.

Nine pillars of health

Spiritual stability

Our spiritual state is most important to our physical well-being. Coping with life challenges is always dependent on a personal relationship with God. An attitude of gratitude and positivity is always best.

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Emotional balance

Our emotional states goes a long way in determining our health. Bitterness, unforgiveness, strife , anger and hatred are root causes of many degenerative diseases.

Water intake

The human body excretes three litres of water daily through urination and sweating, so drink a minimum of three litres of water daily. (Note, not cold water). Water gives life.

Proper sleep

The popular saying is true, “Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

The best time to sleep is between 8pm and 4am. Another best can be 9pm to 5am. The average adult needs about five to eight hours of sleep per day, so you can service and repair your body.

Afternoon nap has been overlooked by many over the years. Referred to as “power nap”, 20 to 30 minutes of afternoon nap helps to restore our energy.

Do not put a television in your bedroom, make your bedroom a haven of sleep. Rest literally adds years to your life

  1. Stress regulation
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Stress is mental and physical tension in our minds and bodies daily. Work can heal you but overwork can kill. Overwork causes stress. Therefore, identify your stressors and avoid them. Learn stress management.

Embrace rest, relaxation and recreation. Revitalise yourself with multi-vitamins. Walk in love; shun bitterness.

  1. Diet as prescribed

Does the food you put in your mouth produce life or death? Human beings are herbivores, not carnivores – designed to eat fruits and vegetables, rather than meat. To this end:

Eat cooked food once or twice a day as it requires five to six hours to digest.

Practice vegetarian diet, reduce flesh drastically, be a social meat eater.

Eat fruits, potatoes, ofada rice or unpolished, brown, corn on cub.

Avoid flesh, carbohydrates that are hyperglycaemic, processed foods.

Avoid milk, no resin (enzyme) to break it down.

Fast at least once a week, giving your system time to rest.

Physical exercise

Exercise improves blood circulation, particularly to the brain, supplying needed oxygen.

It enhances sweating, aiding detoxification through the skin, which is the largest organ of excretion. It aids motility at the joints.

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Physical exercises are as potent as the most potent anti-hypertensives in the control and maintenance of blood pressure.  It also helps combat depression.

  1. Detoxification

Toxins are deposit of cholesterol in the body. Detoxification is the removal of the toxins from the human body.

Things you can do to detoxify the body.

Drink lots of water.

Pass faeces at least daily.

Engage in regular exercise

Take diets with high fibre content.

Take detoxifiers, bitters, aloe vera

Eat chemical-free foods.


  1. Nutritional supplements

The food we eat cannot adequately give us the nutrients we need in the right proportion; therefore there is need to supplement the nutrients.

Nutritional supplement that contains adequate nutrients should be used to support our diet.

Go for comprehensive medical tests at least once in six months. Early detection helps to avoid preventable diseases.

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Chima Ejimofor is wellness entrepreneur, Infinite Health Consult (07033179632, 08152695067).


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