Maggi Unveils New Campaign for Healthy Meals


Maggi Unveils New Campaign for Healthy Meals
‘You have the recipe,’ logo

Maggi, Nigeria’s biggest seasoning brand, has launched a campaign tagged,

‘You have the recipe,’ a refreshing take on the exciting theme of achievement and self-realization.


Synonymous with creative exploration and nourishment over the years, ‘You

have the recipe’ marks the latest evolution of MAGGI’s partnership with

Nigerian consumers.


Speaking on the launch, Category Manager for Culinary at Nestlé Nigeria,

Nwando Ajene said, “We believe that everyone possesses the talent and

individuality to break barriers, in the same way that Maggi provides the

complete range of seasoning recipes for creating delicious and healthy meals.”


“Maggi remains a trusted ally for cooking good food with local and fresh

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ingredients, and has, over the years, also supported various communities to

build businesses. Maggi has supported youth to grow their careers in creative

and business spaces, motivating them to set greater goals.”


“With You Have the Recipe campaign therefore, Maggi is affirming Nestlé’s

passion for supporting our consumers to express and achieve their dreams in

limitless directions. This campaign seeks to remind us that it is beautiful to

dream and to explore and we have everything within us to create what we



‘You Have the Recipe’ campaign emphasises the unlimited inherent power of

the individual, set against the backdrop of iconic women reaching the pinnacle

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in their fields. They are self-assured and comfortable with success, clearly

ready to tackle new frontiers.


The key visuals spotlight key characters with the ‘You have the recipe’ thread

running through the narrative, daring you to dream.


A campaign soundtrack has also been revealed, which distils the message in

exciting bursts on radio across the country.


‘You have the Recipe’ is airing nationally on TV and radio, and is also amplified

across other media and consumer engagement platforms.


MAGGI is an iconic brand from the stable of Nestlé, the good food, good life

company committed to unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life

Prof. Abdulkarim Agunu Passes on

for everyone today and for generations to come.


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