Mental Health Advocate Blames Social Vices on Drug Abuse




A Mental Health Advocate, Mr Aaron Irabor, on Tuesday blamed the rising insecurity, kidnapping, rape, violence and other social vices confronting the country, on drug abuse. Irabor, the President, Heritage Advancement Forum (HAF) made this known in an interview with the Newsmen in Lagos. According to him, 95 per cent of people that indulge in unlawful acts are under the influence of one drug or the other.


He explained that when an individual decided to kidnap or rape his fellow human being, it showed that such an individual was mentally unstable.


He added that no normal human being with correct senses would perpetrate such acts except he/she was under the influence of some drugs or psychoactive substances.

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Irabor, who bemoaned the adverse effect of drug abuse on Nigeria, called for more stringent measures to change the narrative.


He said there was need for government to put in place policies that would drive people away from getting involved in drug abuse.


“The adverse effects of drug abuse on the Nigerian economy are massive that more stringent measures should be deployed to curb the menace. The laws regarding drug abuse in the country should be reviewed, so as to have offenders dully punished. It will serve as deterrent to others. All the enforcement agencies including the government should collaborate in efforts to curb drug abuse because it requires multi-dimensional approach. In doing that, there is need for a conducive environment and transparency such that there will be no compromise of any sort from any quarter or agency,” Irabor said.

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He also identified lack of optimal mental health well-being, challenges, idleness, frustration and peer group as some of the contributing factors to drug abuse.


According to him, there is lack of optimal mental well-being in the country, as a result, a lot of citizens have underlying mental conditions.


He, therefore, implored the Federal Government to pay attention to mental health by creating sustainable mental health delivery system and ensuring that citizens have access to good mental healthcare.


He said: “More attention should be given to the mental health of the people so as to reduce social crises in the society in order to create room for citizens to enjoy optimal mental health well-being. Similarly, government should create more job opportunities and provide basic amenities and the enabling environment for the citizens to be gainfully engaged; as joblessness and frustration can lure person into drugs.”


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