Multiple natural functions of Garlic


Garlic is well known for flavoring dishes, most notably pastas and breads. Beyond cooking, garlic is incredibly good for the body and contains many health benefits.

The Benefits are:

  1. Colon, Stomach, and Rectal Cancer Prevention: Garlic can improve your chances of avoiding these three types of cancer. However, be warned: garlic supplements don’t do the trick, so make sure you’re getting your garlic from the real thing.
  2. Cold Protection: Because of its antioxidant-rich nature, garlic can arm you against colds. Even if you end up catching a cold, adding more garlic to your diet can improve your symptoms and help get the cold moving out of your system.
  3. Regulates Blood Sugar: Diabetics have turned to garlic to help regulate their blood sugar levels. Garlic naturally helps in the production of insulin in the body.
  4. Reduces Acne: While it doesn’t do much good for this internally, rubbing a slice of garlic on your skin can help clear up acne. For best results, do this right before bed and wash it off in the morning.
  5. Hair Growth: This is another external use for garlic. It has been shown to improve growth in places of hair loss on the scalp. Squeeze some garlic over your scalp, and gently massage.
  6. Tick Bite Prevention: Scientists have found that people who regularly include garlic in their diets suffer significantly fewer tick bites than their non-garlic eating counterparts.
  7. Treats High Blood Pressure: People who suffer from highfresh garlic isolated on white blood pressure may find some help in eating garlic.
  8. Psoriasis Treatment: Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, rubbing garlic on skin that’s affected by psoriasis may reduce symptoms. If used often enough, garlic may reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks.
  9. Tames Cold Sores: Because of the anti-inflammatory properties mentioned above, garlic is also known to get rid of cold sores. Placing a small piece of garlic directly on a cold sore has been shown to reduce the size of the sore.
  10. Splinter Removal: Garlic has been proven to coax splinters out easily. Cut a small piece of garlic and place it directly over a splinter, securing it with a bandage.
  11. Soothe Toothaches: Placing a small sliver of garlic directly on an aching tooth can help soothe the pain.
  12. Fights Allergies: Garlic can help ease the severity of allergies, especially those that affect the airways. Garlic helps reduce inflammation of airways and soothe areas of irritation.
  13. Combats Hip Osteoarthritis: Eating garlic, and related foods such as onions and leeks, can help reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis of the hip, and slow down its progression.
  14. Prevents Weight Gain: Garlic can help stop weight gain by changing the way fat cells in the body are made.


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