Neimeth launches Norduet to tackle hypertension


To help fight against the scourge of hypertension in Nigeria, Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc, has introduced Norduet, a new antihypertensive into the Nigerian market.

The product was unveiled at a colourful ceremony recently organised by Neimeth at its head office in Ikeja, Lagos, and graced by top health professionals.

Speaking with Pharmanews at the event, Pharm. Emmanuel Ekunno, the managing director/CEO of the company, said Norduet was a novel product specially formulated and produced through years of dedicated research and development in Neimeth’s continued effort in the fight against hypertension. Norduet, he said, combines the vasodilator action of Amlodipine with the diuretic actions of Hydrochlorothiazide and is indicated for mild to moderate hypertension.

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Pharm. Ekunno noted that Norduet was a great addition to the company’s FITGAH (Fight the Good Fight Against Hypertension) initiative, which is Neimeth’s reversed marketing innovation aimed at reducing the cost of antihypertensives by 50 per cent. This is in order to use affordability to drive therapeutic compliance in hypertensive.

He said that the company, through FITGAH, was fighting hypertension on three fronts, Awareness, Availability and Affordability. He traced Neimeth’s intervention in the fight against hypertension in Nigeria to 1978 when the company introduced Minipress, its first antihypertensive. He added that the company had since then introduced five other products in its tremendous strides in hypertension management in Nigeria. They include: Novasc in 1991, Normoretic in 2001, Miniplus in 2003 and Amlover in 2007.

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Pharm. Ekunno further noted that FITGAH, launched in 2013,was a scheme implemented in partnership with teaching hospitals, state hospitals, primary health centres, Hypertension Society and Cardiac Society of Nigeria, as well as other institutions, towards the improvement of quality of life of the hypertensives in Nigeria.

FITGAH, he said, had helped to make Neimeth’s antihypertensive more affordable to both prescribers and users in the effective management of hypertension because affordability had more often than not been implicated in non-adherence, in terms of therapeutic compliance.

The highlight of the occasion was the formal unveiling of the new product by the top dignitaries at the occasion.


  1. miniplus has been my drug for the past 7yrs and seemto be the best for my system. Iam 67yrs old. My doctor who recommended the drug has not been able to answer these questions. One whether i can use it early in the morning before meal and secondly when my BP persiisted for two weeks he was not sure whether i can use more than two tablets a day. He keeps on saying that i should take the normal dose of one in the morning and one in the evening.Any harm in using 3 tablets a day if such situation arises again? Thank u.


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