NMA Applauds Oncologist for his Feat in Prostate Cancer Treatment


The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has commended one of her members, Dr Oludare Folajimi Adeyemi, for his new discovery and attainment of success in the treatment of the deadly prostate cancer in Nigeria.

Adeyemi, a consultant radiation oncologist, had recently employed a unique method of treating prostate cancer, called ‘brachytherapy’, to operate the condition on a patient, which recorded a huge success in the country.

Sequel to the breakthrough treatment, the NMA through her 2nd Vice President Dr Ofene Enang, commended Adeyemi for advancing the treatment of prostate cancer, in Nigeria.

NMA Applauds Oncologist for his Feat in Prostate Cancer Treatment
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Enang, who said that the NMA is at the forefront of canvassing for reversal of medical tourism in the country, described radiation brachytherapy as new form of therapy in the treatment of prostate cancer.

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In the same spirit of commendation, a US-based Oncologist, Dr Maghari, Rachid, noted that the breakthrough treatment was a blessing to Nigerians. He said this kind of innovation in the country will definitely put a limit to the spate of medical tourism, as it would boost patients’ confidence in the ability of Nigerian doctors to handle such conditions successfully.

Addressing pressmen in Benin City, Edo State, Adeyemi revealed that ‘brachytherapy’ is a unique form of treating the disease, especially as the new treatment is not only affordable but also less time consuming.

The oncologist noted that prostate cancer disease is the commonest cancer among men, adding that one out of every seven men are likely to develop the disease.

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Adeyemi explained the uniqueness of the new treatment thus: “Although, there are other options of treating prostate cancer, but the brachytherapy method is very unique, accurate and it offers high degree of cure to the patient with prostate cancer, especially when it is done at the early stage of the disease.

“In this discovery of mine, what we do is to implant a radioactive inside the prostrate and right inside, the prostrate begins​to release radiations which end up killing the cells. It damages what we call DNA and when DNA is damaged, the cells cannot actually produce any longer.

“Over 10 patients have benefited from this new discovery of mine and the beauty of the brachytherapy treatment method is that it is done one time and between two to three hours, you are done and the patient can go home,” he said.

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