Oyo PSN, Don, Others Task UI Pharmacy Students on Paradigm Shift


…As Atueyi, Ajanaku Bag Awards

A cross-section of UI PANS Press Crew with the Pharmanews Representative, Mr Adebayo Oladejo at the symposium

As part of the strategic moves towards achieving excellence in pharmaceutical practice, stakeholders including the Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), Oyo State, Pharm. (Col) Victor Ajanaku (Rtd), Dr Akinniyi Aje, lecturer, department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Administration, University of Ibadan, and Dr Kayode Ogunsesan, deputy director, Pharmaceutical Services, University College Hospital, Ibadan, have tasked pharmacy students on paradigm shift in their decisions to reflect present realities.

In his address at a symposium and magazine launch, held at the Faculty of Pharmacy Auditorium, University of Ibadan recently, the PSN boss in Oyo State, urged the students not to limit themselves to what they know in the classroom, but to prepare for the realities of the world, adding that they should endeavour to change the narratives.

He urged them not to let the labour of past heroes in Pharmacy be in vain, adding that Pharmacy, being a respected profession across the world, should not loose the confidence people have in the practice.

“I want you to brace up for the world after school. I want you to go out there and make us proud as you begin to change the narratives and embrace the paradigm shift. We should endeavour to involve ourselves in everything so that we won’t remain at the back. We must begin to give you the right mentorship so that you begin to reason along the new realities,” he said.

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It is nothing to be scared of, he assured. “Thank God we have trailblazers like Prof. ’Fola Tayo, who are now experts in that aspect. For instance, how many of you are aware that nurses and pharmacists have been included in the prescription-based medicine policy of the United Kingdom, away from the conventional doctors-only policy of old?” he questioned.

Speaking in the same vein, Dr Aje, who spoke on the topic “Exploring the future of Pharmacy”, noted that the future is here, depending on how far one can see, adding that the future of pharmacy is right here before everyone and it would come like a tsunami when everyone least expects it.
Speaking further, the University don noted that the best way to explore the future is to start living in it from today, adding that everyone should start picturing it and start preparing for it from today.

A cross-section UI PANS executives and planning committee members at the symposium.

“Begin to pay more attention to what you want and you will realise that most of the things you think are difficult are not in reality, so, put your energy into something positive. As pharmacists, the level of training you have been exposed to is very robust, so you can function anywhere, just like we have so many who are doing well in banking, telecommunication and others. The likes of Vanguard and Victory Drugs are doing well today because they charted a unique course,” he said.

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In his lecture titled “Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) Practice in Nigeria; compare and contrast”, Dr Ogunsesan noted that the Pharmacy profession has experienced tremendous changes over the years, adding that in recent years, there have been rapid changes in the practice of the profession of pharmacy as one of such changes is PharmD.
He noted further that PharmD is all about being able to apply all the knowledge acquired from all the pharmaceutical sciences clinically, saying the field of pharmacy and the role of pharmacists have expanded thus the need for a degree that captures the changing roles of pharmacists.

In comparing the realities of the PharmD practice in Nigeria and abroad, he said the realities of PharmD practice can vary significantly between Nigeria and countries like the USA, and Canada.

“In the US for example, pharmacists often have more advanced clinical roles, including direct patient care, medication therapy management, and collaborative practice agreements with healthcare providers. They may work in hospitals, clinics, retail pharmacies, or specialized areas like ambulatory care or academia.

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“In Nigeria, PharmD practice may be more focused on dispensing medications and providing basic pharmaceutical care due to differences in healthcare infrastructure and regulations. Pharmacists in Nigeria may also face challenges related to limited resources, access to medications, and healthcare disparities.

Speaking on the prospects coming up within the Pharmacy profession with the start of the PharmD system, he said PharmD system has brought about expanded clinical roles, opportunities for specialization, and greater involvement in patient care, adding that pharmacists are increasingly recognised as essential members of healthcare teams, with roles in medication therapy management, patient education and preventive care.

The high point of the event was the presentation of awards by Ibrahim Akinpelu, president of PANS, UI, to all the speakers, as well as Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi, who was awarded for his fatherly role and constant support for the organised PANS activities.

A cross-section UI PANS executives and planning committee members at the symposium.

A cross-section of UI PANS Press Crew with the Pharmanews Representative, Mr Adebayo Oladejo at the symposium.


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