PCN Constitutes Adhoc Committee on Internship Placement


Following the brouhaha over the central placement of medical interns at the detriment of allied health sciences’ students, the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) has set up an Adhoc committee to deliberate on the matter.

According to the Facebook post of the PSN President, Pharm. Ahmed Yakasai, the committee comprising all the technical arms of the PSN, except AHAPN, was established on Thursday, 20 July 2017, at the PCN Headquarters, Abuja.

The group, which is headed by the former PSN President, Pharm. Yaro Budah, FPSN, is made up of PSN, PMGMAN, APIN, ACPN, NAIP, NAPA AND PHARMALLIANCE .The committee was saddled with the responsibility of  brainstorming on how to address the challenges of internship placement for pharmacy graduates in Nigeria.

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Members of the Adhoc Committee in a group photograph after the inauguration in Abuja

Meanwhile, the development has generated positive reactions on Social Media particularly on Facebook, as many pharmacists have described it as a timely intervention and welcome development.

Below are some of their comments:

AMuhammad Ashiru :  Well-done sir! The PCN and the PSN must take a bold step to fix this challenge as a matter of urgency. Many young pharmacy graduates are frustrated about the profession before even starting the practice.

Sulayman Ademola: This is a move in the right direction. I want to suggest that avenues should be  created for suggestions. We should also check other Africa countries, for I have seen many working methods from many Africa countries.

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Josephat Esumai:  Well done Mr President, any desperate situation requires a desperate approach. What we should be concerned about is getting these graduates moving on in life rather than how much they will earn as salaries during internship. The economic situation in the country does not offer a lot of choices, so one has to do with ones that are available.

Kingslie Ezeagu:  Hope you are not recommending people should do internship without salary? Just hope that’s not your point.





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