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The Disciplinary Tribunal of the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN) has released the names of the four pharmacists it suspended last week Thursday for professional misconduct and unethical practice.


Pharmanewsonline reports that the tribunal, presided over by the PCN Chairman, Prof. Ahmed Mora, sat in Abuja on Thursday and convicted four pharmacists, whose names were withheld, on matters relating to ethical misconduct, diversion of funds and pharmaceutical products.


In an exclusive interview with Pharmanewsonline today Monday, Prof. Mora disclosed the names of affected pharmacists and their respective offences.


They are: Pharm. Fidelis Ogonna Okenwa; Pharm. Nwakpuma Richard Nwophe; Pharm. Daniel Aghanemuzor; and Pharm. Bukonla Temitope Odubiro.

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According to him “Okenwa and Odubirowere found guilty of professional misconduct as pharmacists and the tribunal ordered the registrar to suspend them from practice for the period of 3 years.


“While Nwophe and Aghanemuzor were found guilty of professional misconduct and infamous conduct in professional capacity, and the tribunal ordered the registrar to suspend the pharmacists from practice for the period of 12 months and 3 years respectively”.


The names of the accused pharmacists, Mora noted, will be deleted from the registrar of registered pharmacists in Nigeria for the period they are on suspension.


He said “For you to practice Pharmacy in Nigeria, you are granted licence which is renewed every year. So for the next three years, they will not have the license to practice, meaning that they cannot practice for three years.

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“These are the cases that have been ongoing for quite some time and the tribunal passed judgement today. I am happy that these judgements were passed because they have been lingering for some time and others will go on trial.


“The Disciplinary Tribunal is an important component of the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria for those pharmacists that have fallen short of ethical standard in the practice of pharmacy”.




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