Possibilities of diagnosis for a patient suffering from atopic eczema include?


1    exacerbation of atopic eczema

2    impetigo

3    ringworm infection


A    1, 2, 3

B    1, 2 only

C    2, 3 only

D    1 only

E    3 only


  1. B is the answer and there is no winner to this question
    Details Below:
    patients may have an exacerbation of atopic eczema or impetigo, which is a
    common occurrence in patients with atopic eczema, as the area becomes
    infected because of the scratching that is associated with intense itching.
    Atopic eczema is a chronic condition that may be exacerbated by exposure
    to allergens such as clothing fibres, by changes in environment such as
    exposure to sun, hot temperatures or cold temperatures. Impetigo is a skin
    infection characterised by pruritic vesicles and golden-coloured crusts. It is
    caused by Gram-positive cocci and is a contagious condition. Ringworm
    infection is a fungal infection and when it occurs on non-hairy areas (tinea
    corporis) it is characterised by discoid, erythematous scaly plaques.


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