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Chinma Ejimofor

Products of natural origin are the source and root of modern medicine and serve as the basis of curing many infirmities, as effective home remedies.

In more recent times, natural nutrients have taken on unusual impetus, having been increasingly proven to be the answer for healing that is sound, economical and without the many side effects that many other synthetic medications usually have.

The most recent investigations have demonstrated that vitamins, minerals, healing plants, bee products, polyunsaturated fatty acids and other natural products, taken in adequate dosage, produce optimal health by preventing most illnesses, strengthening the body’s defence (immune system), and fighting off diseases.

Among the plants that are found in nature, there are many that have managed to make an impression within the area of natural medicine for their healing and nutritional properties. These include:

Aloe vera – contains amazing healing properties, such as inhibiting pain and reducing inflammation. It is excellent as a coagulant, cicatrisant, cell regenerator, digestive, detoxifier, rehydrator. It contains 17 of the 23 amino acids required by the body.

Garlic – which also belongs to the lily family, like aloe vera, has served humanity for millennia with its antibiotic, germicidal, revitalising and healing properties.

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Other wonders of nature are honey and bee pollen. Both contain the majority of vitamins and minerals that the human body needs for its proper functioning. Not to mention royal jelly and bee propolis, that in addition to the essential elements, contain substances synthesised by the same bees. They are of great use for the functioning and regeneration of cells, such as growth hormones, enzymes and vitamins, in addition to other healing properties.

Another great contributor of the Orient is ginseng. It is recognised for its adapting and energising functions. When combined with golden sage or aloe vera, it produces great therapeutic results.

Also from the Orient, we have Garcinia cambogia, whose properties helps in maintaining a correct body weight by inhibiting appetite and transforming fats into energy.

The fruits from Chinese Lycium and liquorice help a person during times of inflammatory disorders, in addition to strengthening capillaries due to the flavonoids they contain.

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One plant of unequalled therapeutic value is ginkgo biloba, whose endless attributes improve circulation and cerebral activity.

Also from the Orient, we have the fo-ti plant and the schizandra plant, as well as the Reishi mushroom which increase longevity and helps alleviate problems related to old age by supplying energy and increasing the life span.

Health is developed through:

  1. Correct nutrition and diet: vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, oxygen, water, sunlight etc
  2. Positive thoughts and attitudes.
  3. Adequate exercise, for maintaining flexibility and well-conditioned bone structure.

Mental and physical hygiene

When we provide the body with foods that contain many toxins and few natural nutrients, the body fills up with poisons that inhibit its proper functioning and healing. Therefore, it is highly recommended, in the majority of cases, to submit oneself to a detoxification process, based on fasting, before any treatment. The elimination of red meats from our diet and eating more fruits and vegetables is a great help in keeping the body clean of impurities.

On the other hand, we ought to consider the intoxication that our mind suffers from the thoughts and negative emotions that lead us to damaging nervous states, such as anxiety, tension or stress. This leads to mental poisoning, which is reflected in the whole body through sicknesses of psychosomatic origin. These include stress, nervousness and depression, to name only a few. They provoke the immune system to function inadequately and therefore become easy prey to infections and diseases of every kind.

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It is necessary to have a mental period of peace and tranquillity daily, including faith in God, and positive and harmonious thoughts. This influences our good health, physical as well as mental.

aily exercise, deep relaxation, enthusiasm in all our activities, breathing pure air, sunbathing and drinking plenty of pure water are other necessary elements for great health.

(Culled from Guide to Natural Remedies for Health and Well-Being by Enrique Garza Gutierrez)

About the Author:

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