Proofs of rapid cell regeneration


(By  Pharm. Kabiru  Abubakar  Gulma)


The title of this article was inspired by an event that occurred three years ago. As an intern at a clinic, night calls were usually occupied with watching channels on the satellite and, occasionally, movies that were thought-provoking because the patient influx was usually minimal.

A medical colleague in the same institution, who normally popped into my office at free times, once wooed me into copying a movie from his flash disk. In the process, I ran into a movie titled ‘Exam’.  It turned out to be a highly engaging movie, with many lessons especially for job-seekers. But what really caught my attention the most was a pill (capsule) used by the invigilator in the movie to promptly heal a candidate with gunshot wound. The invigilator exclaimed: “While searching for the cure, we stumbled upon something far more powerful – Rapid Cell Regeneration (in a pill). It eradicates the virus and other stubborn mutations…”

Over the years, I have deeply thought of how damaged cells could be rapidly healed by a pill.  Recently, I stumbled on an article on “Cellular Regeneration and Rapid Healing” which explains how a marine food augments cellular regeneration and rapid healing. This marine food is the phytoplankton, a single-celled aquatic organism, or microscopic algae (micro-algae). There exist an estimated 200,000 to 800,000 species of micro-algae, of which about 40,000 species have been described. Most people are familiar with micro-algae such as spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae and astaxanthin, which have become popular health supplements in the last few decades.

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After over 10 years of research, and millions of dollars invested, a team of European doctors, microbiologists and botanists discovered one amazing strain of marine phytoplankton that contains the highest nutritional values for human consumption. The strain was named Nannochloropsis gaditana. It is extremely tiny, 9 times smaller than a red blood cell. There is no known food which is smaller in size — yet, there is so much life energy stored in this single cell. It has the ability to multiply and proliferate exponentially, producing trillions of healthy cells that humans need to maintain and restore health.

This unique micro-algae contains over 65 nutritional properties including all the amino acids, all the essential fats, vitamins, key minerals and trace elements, rare anti-oxidants, phospholipids, electrolytes, nucleic acids, enzymes and co-enzymes.( It is this rare combination and proportion of elements and nutrients that makes this strain of marine phytoplankton distinctive and highly effective in enabling cellular regeneration and healing. People get healed of chronic diseases within days by this way of treatment.

Another very important feature that makes it a profoundly powerful and effective healing substance is that it is composed of single cells that bypass the liver and digestive system. It goes straight to your liver and directly into your bloodstream. Because of its ultra-microscopic size, a single cell is able to go right into the human cell and feed it at a mitochondrial level.

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This is one reason Dr. Jerry Tennant, founder and director of the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine, who has treated thousands of people with chronic diseases, believes results have been so rapid — particularly among critical and chronically ill patients whose livers were in poor condition. Whereas other products took months to see noticeable benefits, significant results were being achieved within days of taking this particular strain of marine phytoplankton.

“With people who are extremely ill…you can’t get their system to absorb the raw materials needed to make neurochemicals,” states Dr. Tennant. “The marine phytoplankton are microscopic plants …. Because they are so microscopic, they go right through a sick digestive system and a sick liver, and you’ll be able to start restoring neurochemicals and minerals even in somebody who’s critically ill. Nothing else I know of will do that.”

Many nutritional experts – and even doctors- agree that if you were to consume this strain of marine phytoplankton daily, your health would actually improve as you get older!

Nannochloropsis gaditana is the world’s top level resource of DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid that Dr. Mehmet Oz (also known as “America’s Doctor”) recently declared the most important food supplement you can take.( (

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DHA is the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain and retina. Sufficient levels of DHA makes your brain function more efficiently. In fact, 60 per cent of the fats in your brain are composed of DHA as are the nerve fibres of your heart.

Nannochloropsis gaditana is also incredibly rich in yet another fatty acid, namely EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid). EPA works in concert with DHA to produce nearly every nutrient your body requires! As such, nutritional supplementation with this microscopic green food could single-handedly fill all your nutritional deficiencies. (

Its high chlorophyll content also boosts your immune system, produces cancer-fighting carotenoids, and protects the body against free radicals in the air, water and food we consume.

Most people know that certain nutritional products that contain medicinal properties are only effective for some people, but not for others. Dr. Tennant believes this is because the body needs all the raw materials and critical components at the same time. The problem is that we need ALL of them at the same time for things to work.

The idea of rapid cell regeneration is, indeed, a reality. It is not as fictional as it appears in the movies.



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  3. Pls is there a drug recommendation that regenerates brain cells rapidly cut I use to smoke cannabis and since I stopped I haven’t been able to recovered


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