Ranbaxy Introduces New Antimalarial, Synriam


Ranbaxy Nigeria – a Sun Pharma Company- has recently presented its new antimalarial to pharmacists in Nigeria.

Dr Ifeanyi Offor, senior brand manager of the company, presented the product to the gathering of over 4000 pharmacists shortly before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the 91st Annual National Conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), at the International Conference Centre, Ibadan, Oyo State, on 2 November.

Ranbaxy presents new antimalarial, Synriam
Dr Ifeanyi Offor

Offor explained that the product would help address the increasing incidence of multi-drug resistant plasmodium falciparum, especially the emergence of artemisinin-resistant plasmodium parasites and increasing cases of malarial recrudescence after treatment.

Synriam antimalarial, Dr Offor stated, is a fixed dose combination of arterolane maleate 150mg, combined with piperaquine phosphate 750 mg, adding that the product had been specially produced to ensure better patient compliance over the conventional artemisinin combination therapies.

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He disclosed that the product is a once-daily medicine for a three-day treatment and can be taken any time of the day, noting that the antimalarial is available in all leading retail pharmacies nationwide.



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