‘Regular Medical Check-Up Crucial to Maintaining Good Health’


A medical expert, Dr. Nuhu Sule, has urged Nigerians to go for regular medical check-ups to maintain good health at all times.

Sule made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Kaduna.

He also expressed concern that many patients do not give importance to keeping appointments with their doctors.

He said: “there is great value in seeing your doctor for medical check-ups.

“Regular medical check-ups allow your doctor to monitor both your physical and mental health.

‘Regular Medical Check-Up Crucial to Maintaining Good Health’
‘Regular Medical Check-Up Crucial to Maintaining Good Health’

“If your doctor finds areas of concern, he or she can run tests and stop the issues before it gets worse.”

According to him, some ailments are preventable but could get worse due to a lack of monitoring and addressing such issues early.

He explained that doctors normally place patients on appointments to observe a challenge they may have noticed in the patient.

That, he noted would help to diagnose and monitor such illnesses, he said.

“Preventive care by the doctor occurs at different levels. Primary prevention includes immunisations and basic health monitoring.

“Secondary prevention looks at established risk factors for certain diseases and performs tests to identify possible concerns.

“The third level of prevention seeks to improve health after a diagnosis, which typically includes creating a treatment plan.

“Other forms of preventive care can be done at home, such as exercising, at least thirty minutes a day and eating more fruits and vegetables, instead of high-fat or processed foods.

“Choosing not to smoke or drink alcohol will also help avoid several diseases.

“These preventive measures are excellent steps to adapt for your health, between annual doctor’s appointments,” he advised.

According to Sule, forming a good relationship with one’s doctor is also important.

“Regular visits allow you to create a plan for continued care.

“Having a strong relationship with your healthcare provider will make it easier to receive future care and treatment when needed.

“Annual medical check-ups with your trusted or family doctor will help you live your healthiest life.

“These check-ups will also help you understand what steps should be taken to prevent future risks,” he added.



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