We apologise to Pharm. Emeka Egbulugha over our publication of 17 May 2017, which was adjudged to be defamatory relating to him in the matter of the kidnap of Mr Donatus Dunu (owner of Maydon Pharmaceuticals Ltd).

The publication which we captioned, “Revealed: How Pharmacist re-enacted Judas Iscariot, Allegedly kidnapped his Boss” read thus,

That he played out the famous biblical account of how Judas Iscariot, a disciple of Jesus Christ, betrayed his master for thirty pieces of silver, which publication was viewed by reasonable members of the public to suggest that, Pharm. Egbulugha betrayed his master, Mr. Donatus Dunu (his employer) by giving information to the kidnappers, which led to Dunu's kidnap at the time.

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We hereby retract the above-mentioned statement and the intended meaning attached thereto, which was made by us on the pharmanewsonline platform, while urging the general public and the Pharmaceutical industry to disregard the said publication.

We became aware of the true position of things relating to the matter following an investigative report from Police authority that investigated the said allegation against him. In this report by the Police authority, investigation revealed that Pharm. Egbulugha was not involved in the kidnap of his boss, hence the reason for this latest publication to correct the impression.


Pharmanews Ltd.



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