Rivers ALPs urges Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria to introduce innovative programmes


Pharm. (Mrs) Ibidun Dokubo is the Rivers State chairman of the Association of Lady Pharmacists (ALPs). In this exclusive interview with Pharmanews, she hinted that the association would love it if PSN, at the state level, could introduce innovative programmes for the development of the members.


Dokubo, who lamented the poor participation of members at ALPs activities, urged them to turn a new leaf in the New Year, by taking active part in the projects of the body, adding that this will promote the association a great deal.


Asked if her members are lagging behind in the use of the Internet, she said the

use of the Internet is a technological innovation that will enable the prompt delivery of pharmaceutical care and services, so we should embrace it.


These and many more were her submissions. Below is the full text of the interview.

Could you tell us about yourself madam?

My name is Pharm. Ibidun Dokubo. I graduated from Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1985. I had my internship with State Hospital, Adeoyo, Ibadan, in 1986. Presently, I am a student of the West Africa Postgraduate College of Pharmacists. I work at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. I am married with children.

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What is the objective of Rivers State ALPs for the year 2013?

We have three main objectives; the first is school moral and drug abuse campaign; second is community health education campaign; and lastly, support to schools of the physically challenged.


The school moral campaign will be held in secondary schools in the state. The focus is to educate youths on drug abuse and misuse, safe use of medication, moral values, and civic responsibilities. ALPs Rivers State will also hold programmes among target groups, as market women, old transport workers, and others. All these are geared towards ensuring that the society is adequately equipped with skills to live health promoting life styles.


Safe motherhood project, to address a serious health challenge: Nigeria still battles with high incidence of maternal mortality, infant mortality and low life expectancy. The association will work with clinics that provide antenatal and child care services to educate the women.

How would you assess PSN activities in the State, any achievements, and what are the areas to be improved upon?

The PSN activities in the state have improved and are highly commendable, as meeting attendance of members has increased. The technical groups and ALPs, as interest group, are carried along, to discuss issues and exchange ideas that will improve professional pharmaceutical practices and health care delivery in Nigeria. The activities of the society extend to rural areas, with campaign for more people to have access to safe medicines.

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The state government has also recognised the role PSN has been playing, and to commend us, we got a bus for the state branch, and some got government sponsorship of pharmacists to FIP in 2012.


There is the need to encourage participation of more members at meetings and activities in the state and national conferences. Innovative programmes should be introduced, such programmes that the members cannot wave aside for their development

Is ALPs, as an interest group of PSN, living up to the objectives of its establishment in the state?

Oh yes, we still have a lot to do. We have regular monthly meetings; hold lectures in secondary schools on drug abuse / drug misuse, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and pharmacy, as a career.


We paid visits to market places, churches and other organisations, to give lectures.

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We also visited compassionate homes and children’s homes (i.e. motherless babies’ homes and homes for the elderly) to donate drugs, toiletries, food items, and collaborate with our governor’s wife’s programme – Adopt a child initiative. We have adopted children.

It was stated in a report that women are lagging behind in the use of the Internet. Considering ALPs, as a women group, is this statement true about your members, and what are they doing to improve on themselves?

The use of the Internet is a technological innovation that will enable the prompt delivery of pharmaceutical care and services, so we should embrace it.


What are the challenges of the group, and how could they be resolved?

The attendance at meetings is low and there is a lukewarm attitude towards activities; lack of cooperation from some members. If a large number of us come out for these activities, the association will move forward, in all ramifications.

What is your advice to all pharmacists, and much more, to lady pharmacists?

All pharmacists – young and old – should come out to work together, to make a sacrifice for the profession, to add value to the world.



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