Second Wave of COVID-19: Lagos Places Restriction Order on Churches and Mosques


The Lagos State government has placed a restriction order on the operations of churches and mosques in the state for the second time, following the increased cases of Coronavirus which has fuelled speculation of a second wave of the disease.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu who issued the order, directed worship centres not to hold services for more than two hours. The gathering is also not to exceed 50 per cent of the maximum capacity of the venue.

Carnivals and street parties have also been banned in the state. The statement titled ‘We cannot afford to relax the battle against COVID-19′, read;

Concerts, carnivals and street parties are banned in Lagos State until further notice.


“Night Clubs have not been allowed to open yet. All Night Clubs in Lagos must immediately shut down, until further notice.

“The midnight to 4a.m curfew imposed by the Federal Government remains in place.

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“The protocol of ‘No Mask No Entry’ must be enforced by all public places: Offices, Businesses, Markets, Shops, and so on.

“All Places of worship (Churches, Mosques, etc.) must ensure that no gathering exceeds two hours, and also that no gathering exceeds 50 per cent of the maximum capacity of the Venue.

“A minimum of two meters’ distance should be maintained between seated or standing guests.

“All guests and service providers at events MUST wear nose masks/coverings before entry.”

Governor Sanwo-olu added that the restriction order became neccesary to avoid a “possible” second wave of coronavirus in the state.

The statement added;

“The Lagos State Government has sadly noticed that there is an unfortunate public perception that we have seen the end of the COVID-19 pandemic; that the worst is over. This is absolutely wrong and dangerous.

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“We are getting credible reports that the entertainment industry is planning large gatherings, concerts, street parties and carnivals, in the spirit of the Yuletide. Night Clubs have also re-opened in reckless disregard of the existing guidelines, and Events Centers are operating with huge gatherings without any regard for public health and safety guidelines.

“This same disregard for Coronavirus guidelines is also being observed with Places of Worship across the State, in both their regular gatherings and the special gatherings organised to commemorate this season.

“Christmas is a commemoration of this supreme act of sacrifice by God. The least we can do in this Season is to emulate that spirit of sacrifice, by abiding with difficult but necessary protective guidelines, for the greater good of all of us.

“As you are all aware, Lagos State is recording an increase in COVID-19 cases in all local governments. This is not peculiar to Lagos alone; the entire country is also seeing an uptick in the numbers of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus disease.

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“Of every 100 tests that we now perform, an average of 10 turn out to be positive. This is an increase from the 5 per hundred recorded in September, but lower than our peak in August which was between 20 and 30 per hundred. This suggests the existence of active community transmission, and represents the very likely possibility of the emergence of a second wave in Lagos State.

“This second wave calls for a full re-awakening of caution and precaution. The complacency that crept in over the last few months as a result of our early interventions when cases started to decline from our peak in August, must now give way to an abundance of vigilance.”


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