Smile to the Man in the Mirror


You are not what you are; you are what you think you are. – George O. Emetuche.

Until you call up the man within, nothing extraordinary will happen. You must enthuse the inner you daily. You must look at the man in the mirror and say those positive words: Yes, I can!

Inspire the man in the mirror

Motivate yourself daily. Nothing beats self-motivation. You must wake up each day with a positive mindset and be ready to conquer your day. Nobody will do this for you. People may try their best to motivate you but in the final analysis, the main motivation must come from you. It is when you agree within that things will turn around.

Everything begins from the inside. No amount of motivation will transform the fellow who has decided not to change. This is what I teach in my concept of motivational selling. You have to be self-motivated. You must inspire your world. You must get ready to do the necessary things that will turn things around for good.

Smile to the man in the mirror
George O. Emetuche

Let the real you emerge

The good thing about positive thinking and self-motivation is that it challenges you to be at your best. It challenges you to go the extra mile to equip yourself because you want to be at your best. Wake up daily and look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the great things you want to achieve. Once you can think it and believe it, you can do it and have it. I call this “success model”.

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The way you see the man in the mirror has a lot to do with your performance. When you believe in yourself, you gather inner ability that will energise you to overcome your environment. It goes that any time you doubt yourself, you play down your abilities. It is when you believe in yourself that you will begin to attain those things you think are tough to accomplish.

You are better than you think

You are better than you think, if only you believe. Denis Waitley, an American author and productivity consultant on high performance, says, ‘‘Relentless, repetitive self-talk is what changes our self-image.’’ You cannot be bigger than the way you see yourself. Say positive things about yourself. You must believe in yourself all the time.

Salesmen who exceed their targets are those who know how to raise their thinking abilities.  They visualise their success even before meeting their customers or prospects. What you see in the mirror represents the way others will perceive you when you go out there; so try to be the best man in the mirror.

If you want to succeed in the art of selling, stop being pessimistic about yourself because you are what you always think. Think positively and grow to a top salesman.

The More You Learn, The More You Sell

Good soldiers often assert that battles are won or lost in the mind. The way and manner you view yourself is the way you are; thus the popular saying, ‘‘You are what you think you are.’’ When you tell your inner-self positive things, your subconscious mind captures it. When you see the man in the mirror as the most important man on earth, the thought follows you and your entire being is ignited to perform at maximum capacity.

Develop a positive aura

Salesmen with a positive attitude achieve better results than those with a negative mind-set. Selling is a creative and sensitive career. Your customers and prospects want to see positivity in all you do. The way you feel inside as a salesman reflects in your daily sales activities.

The truth is that customers are more relaxed with salesmen who have positive aura around them. People tend to flock more around a happy man. Most times, your mood for the day is created in the morning. Starting the day gloomy might affect your performance negatively all day. Sales job is one of the most tasking careers; accept this fact and move on.

William James, pioneer American psychologist and philosopher, once said, ‘‘The first step in dealing with any difficulty is to be willing to have it so.’’ Salespeople come across countless number of objections and rejections every day but the difference between a successful salesman and an average salesman is in their attitudes. The successful salesman encourages himself when he encounters objection or rejection and move on but the average salesman would give up when he encounters any form of challenge.

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Being positive is imperative. It brings out the inner energy and strength in you. It challenges you to go the extra mile to get the result. It puts you on a right starting point for the day. You create the feeling that will carry you for the day.

When you look in the mirror, what goes on in your mind is exactly how you perceive yourself. If you see yourself as a failure, it goes to follow you. When you see yourself as a champion, your mind captures it and that positive feeling takes over your total being and energises you to achieve a great result.

Imagine when you tell yourself in the mirror every morning ‘‘I am the greatest salesman, I am going to make it again today and I will exceed my target; even if it is going to be tough for me.’’ These positive words will energise your inner person and bring out the best in you.


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