Soludo’s Wife Seeks Mothers’ Active Participation in Rotavirus Vaccination


Nigeria introduces Rotavirus vaccines into routine immunisation

The wife of Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State, Mrs. Nonye Soludo, has sought the active participation of pregnant and nursing mothers in the ongoing free Rotavirus vaccination in the state.

She made the call in the state capital, Awka, on Monday, during a meeting with mothers and social healthcare workers.

Soludo’s wife said the ongoing free Rotavirus vaccination was an opportunity for pregnant and nursing mothers to protect their infants against the deadly disease.

According to her, the essence of the free exercise is to eliminate the heavy financial burden it will put on poor and low-income families to get their kids vaccinated.

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She said, “We desire to ensure that the child-killer virus does not hold sway in Anambra. Recently, the government in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund worked out a deal to administer the Rotavirus vaccine across public health facilities in the state.

“The free vaccine given to infants between the ages of zero to 12 months is to prevent diarrhoea-related sicknesses that comes with dangerous symptoms like severe diarrhoea, fever and vomiting.

“The quality health of our people is one of our cardinal goals, which is to provide sound health to our children. Take action now to secure healthy living.”

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The state First Lady, further appealed to mothers, to take the programme seriously, adding that it is only when every child has been captured in the process that the disease would be defeated.

”Keeping good hygiene is key in the fight against the disease. Parents should monitor what their children consume, the environment, as well as maintain good handwashing hygiene,” she advised.

Soludo’s wife further urged stakeholders to create more awareness about the vaccination, stressing that the state government intended to cover every child in the state.

She gave an assurance that the present administration was committed to enacting health policies aimed at protecting women and children in the state.

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