Some ‘Miracle Babies’ Are Products of Baby Factories- Nigerian Doctor Reveals


A Maternal and Child Health Activist, Dr Chisom Nwaneki has warned women against patronising baby factories in the name of miracle pregnancy, as he shared an experience with a patient he met recently.

According to Nwaneki, he met a couple who have been trying to have a child for eight years but were referred to one “madam china” in Ozubulu, Anambra state.

He revealed that the woman was placed on a monthly injection and warned not to go for scan.

Exposing the operations of baby factory owners, the doctor wrote that when he met the couple in the clinic some weeks ago, the lady complained that she was not feeling her baby's kicks as at 7 months.

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Some ‘Miracle Babies' Are Products of Baby Factories- Nigerian Doctor Reveals

Narrating the whole experience on TwitterNG, he said while taking her history, he discovered the lady in question had been duped.

According to the Child Health Activist, the couple had not been able to conceive for 8 years. So she was referred to one ‘madam China' in Ozubulu Anambra State. She was charged an initial amount of 450k, to pay 350k when the process was over.

“After much probing, I did an ultrasound scan of her abdomen. When she saw her womb was empty, she went berserk. When she was done wailing, we counselled her and placed her on some meds to return her menses.

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“Here's what these criminals do: The moment you pay, they get one of their ‘baby machines' pregnant. They pump you with hormones that block your menses and warn you not to go for scan elsewhere. The Hypnosis, fear and false hope messes your mind up, and your tummy begins to swell.

“After 9 months, their factory must have delivered, they admit you for a Cesarean section, cut you open and close up without touching your womb. You go home with your bastard and they, their millions. Years later, failed DNA tests will crash your home. Be wise!” the Nigerian doctor explained.




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