Taking Hot Bath Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Disease- Study Shows


For as many that are struggling with the management of heart disease, here is a good news for you. Scientists have discovered that having regular hot bath could improve your heart health a great deal and reduce heart disease or other complications.

In a 2016 study published in the Journal of Physiology, it found that just eight weeks of repeated hot water immersion lowered blood pressure and caused arteries to become more flexible in healthy young adults.

This explains why dipping the body into hot water to the neck is a kind of an exercise for your blood vessels. This is because water creates physical pressure on the body which increases the capacity of the heart. In other words, when we're immersed in water, the heart works faster and stronger.

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According to Dr David Burke, head of Emory University's Centre for Rehabilitative Medicine, “When you step into a hot bath and your core temperature goes up, a number of things happen that help with pain. Hot bath expands the blood vessels to allow the healings properties within the blood to be delivered.

“They relax the muscles, which takes the tension off of them and the nerves that have been injured.”
Beyond just pain relief, studies are finding there might be far more profound benefits to hot soaking and saunas, as well.

In a related study, scientists from Finland have also found that people who visited a sauna two or three times a week were 24 per cent less likely to have hypertension compared with those who visited once a week or less.

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It is important to note that sauna is a bath involving a spell in a hot steamy room followed by a plunge into cold water or a light brushing with birch or cedar boughs.
The research further found that those who visited the sauna four to seven times a week had a 46 per cent reduction of heart disease risk.

The benefits of hot baths to the body is huge, it helps the body to relax itself and prepares us for falling asleep. When a tensed body enters a lukewarm water bath, the water increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscles and nerves. A relaxed muscle do not only soothes us physically, but also mentally, which is very essential for everybody.

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Hot bath also helps in reducing too much weight and excess fat in the body. It helps in cleaning the skin, reduces headaches, and helps you to feel better about yourself.  It makes breathing become easier, balances the serotonin level in the body system.

It helps in boosting your brain and nerve health, protects your bone, muscles and joints, improves your gastrointestinal health, optimizes your body temperature, improves your urinary tract health, and most importantly quickens the natural birth process.



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