Three Strategies for Self-Independence


In 1 October 2018, Nigeria celebrated her 58 years of independence. However, deep inside majority of us, we know that despite the promises of a new Nigeria by our founding fathers in 1960 when we got our independence, we are far behind those promises as a nation. Truly, we need REAL independence from corruption, under-development, nepotism, and bad leadership.

In our personal lives, maybe this is the right time to reflect on our journey in this world and ask some pertinent questions. Am I living a life of freedom or I am still living in the prison of self-doubt, fear, anger or frustration? Are my years in life counting or am I just counting my years? If there is one thing I can change in my life right now to experience more joy, more peace, more love and more aliveness, what would it be?

The answers to the above questions can be found in understanding how life works and how you can win the game of life with understanding.

Three Strategies for Self-Independence
Pharm. Sesan Kareem

How life work

Life is a combination of the good and the bad, the interesting and the not-so-interesting, the good times and the bad times, joy and sadness, appointment and disappointment, as well as cause and effect. Therefore, it requires wisdom to understand that it is not what happens to us that shapes the quality of our lives; it is what happens within us that determines who we become and how well we live because what happens to us happens to all human beings. This is what is called life.

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Life is characterised by unpredictability and uncertainty. Thus, in our volatile and ambiguous world, we need to be informed and be prepared to win the battle of life. Life is filled with challenges, and if we are not conscious about how to effectively handle life’s twists and turns, it can be pretty frustrating.

The environment is also very competitive and it is easy to compare the quality of our lives with those of others and begin to feel stressed. As spiritual beings, there is also an innate desire within us to grow and become more. And when we are not growing, we are not happy. However, with a little bit of insight, we can handle life’s uncertainties in a calm manner.

Achieving self-independence

Below are three result-oriented strategies that will help you experience personal freedom from worries, doubts, anxiety, fear and stress.

  1. Face the truths. Life is not fair. So, things might not always work out the way you plan them. Life may be difficult sometimes, but it will become better, with patience and action. Therefore, when things aren’t going your way, don’t take it personal, nothing is wrong with you and no one is working against you; it is life that is polishing you to become a rare gem. Take it easy with yourself, believe in yourself, work hard, train your mind for success and keep fighting for your next level.
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2.Don’t worry. Studies have shown that 92 per cent of people’s worries are unnecessary. 40 per cent of people worry about what might happen in the future, that sometimes never happens; 30 per cent of people worry on what has happened and cannot be changed; 12 per cent of people worry unnecessarily about their health and the remaining 10 per cent are miscellaneous worries. The genuine worries are 8 per cent – comprising those things we can do something about and those we cannot do anything about.

Worry and doubts create fear; fear becomes anxiety and anxiety metamorphoses into disease and disintegration. Overcome the negative habit of worrying unnecessarily in your life. If it won’t matter in the next five years, don’t spend so much time thinking about it. Train your mind to always focus on solutions, not problems.

  1. Seek understanding. If you are not getting desired results in a particular area in your life, it means you don’t know what to do to get it right, or you are not doing what is right to get the right results, or you just need to be patient and trust the process. Seek understanding through learning. And when you have the insights needed, you experience strong faith; faith leads to confidence and action, which often result into desired outcomes. Be open-minded. Have a growth mindset. Seek and you shall find.
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Many people are slaves to fears, worries, doubts, limitations, sufferings and unhappiness. I sincerely believe that the above tips, if apply religiously, would help you break the prison of negativity in your mind, strengthen your belief system and help you experience a life of absolute freedom, which is the hallmark of a successful life.

ACTION PLAN: Learn how life works. Have a growth mindset. Don’t worry unnecessarily. Trust yourself. Be patient with the process. Seek understanding. Enjoy life.

AFFIRMATION: I am so happy and grateful, NOW that I am free from all worries, doubts and sufferings. I am blessed and highly favoured!



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