Understanding People the “Write” Way 


Let’s assume that the handwriting samples below belong to three prospective district managers applying for the same role in a pharmaceutical company. Who, in your opinion, among the three candidates would be least suited for the job, if social or “people” skills are of major importance to the organisation?

As humans, we have myriads of experiences – emotional, physical, psychological, social, and so on. And on account of this, it is often rather difficult to get to the root cause of our challenges. It is worse when the individual having such a challenge is so unaware of what is confronting him or her, let alone knowing which direction to go in seeking for help. As powerful as medications are, findings have revealed that no optimal dose of any medication can heal an emotional wound.

However, one of the benefits of non-verbal intelligence, to which graphology belongs (handwiting analysis), is that it can figure out within split seconds so much about the personality traits of person.  Such traits include the social skills, fears and defences, coping mechanisms, intellectual abilities and emotional outlay. Indeed, I dare say that graphology is about the fastest and cheapest personality assessment tool globally.

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At this time and age, individuals and organisations don’t have the luxury of time in taking critical decisions targeted at various growth objectives, especially also because the pandemic is still very much around. Therefore , any tool or algorithm that would simplify what needs to be done better, faster and cheaper should definitely be of interest.

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Practical application

So which manager gets the job of the three earlier discussed? Who would you select? For a handwriting expert, it takes less than three minutes to figure out the desirable personality traits which that are of priority to the pharmaceutical company, without necessarily having to see the prospective candidate or stay in close proximity with them. The only thing required is the soft or hard copy of the handwriting samples.

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Starting from this edition and for subsequent editions, we shall be examining the topic Understanding people the “Write Way”.

If you have been following this column for some years now this concept would not be new. However, if you are just coming across this topic, welcome aboard. A simple definition of graphology is “the assessment of the personality of people from what they have written down on paper. Really? Yes.

There are hundreds of traits that we can find in the handwriting that speaks to the personality type of the owner of the handwriting but in this context, the candidate that should be considered least is the second candidate despite the fact that he got the highest scores in the aptitude test conducted a week before the final screening. But why ? Well, that is part of the uniqueness of this personality assessment tool called graphology.

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That a prospective employee scored the highest in an aptitude test doesn’t necessarily qualify him to be the most suitable for the available position.  If I go by the relatively large spaces between words in sample two above, compared with the other samples , it is clear that the writer of sample two clearly loves his or her personal space. Conversely, a handwriting that is rather choked or very much closely knitted in the word spacing suggests a person who enjoys having people around him or her.

In the next edition we shall be continuing this series but before I sign out, always remember that “if you must get it right, you must do it the “write” way.

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