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Your mind is like a sleeping giant. All scientific evidence now indicates that the creative or artistic mind is just as intelligent as the academic mind. Einstein for instance, often considered the greatest scientist of all time, was not simply a fuzzy-headed mathematical physicist whose brain was full of numbers and formulas. Records show that he failed mathematics at school and that he was nearly thrown out of college for day-dreaming.

According to Einstein himself, he discovered the Theory of Relativity not seated at his desk, but while lying on his back on a hill one summer day.  He looked up with his eyes half-closed, the sun filtering through his eyelashes breaking into thousands of tiny sunbeams. In his imagination, he took a ride on one of those sunbeams on a journey through the universe. His imagination took him to a place where his formal training in physics told him he should not be. Concerned about this, he went back to his blackboard and believing his imagination to be more correct than his formal training, worked out a new mathematics to explain the truth of what he intuitively knew to be true.

Einstein used both sides and aspects of his brain to an exceptional degree – one producing the beautiful imagined journey and the other to develop a new physics and mathematics to provide a formal framework for the image he had created. His imagination provided mankind with one of the most significant theories of all time. The question now is: what will you do with your imagination?

A new BMW today has more computer systems in it than the Apollo 13 which was the most sophisticated moon rocket in its day. We’ve moved into the information age with knowledge as the primary source of value, so fast that most of the major institutions of society have not yet caught up or even caught on.

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William Shakespeare said, “Imagination is reaching into heaven and bringing down to earth a great idea and it’s up to you to work it and make it real.” Imagination taps your divine creative potential. Imagination is your life’s preview of coming attractions. Use your imagination and who knows what an extraordinary contribution you can make to the planet.

What you are imagining and thinking right now will strongly influence your experience tomorrow. What the future has in store for you is totally determined by what you have in store for the future. What you vividly imagine and ardently desire tends to materialize. What you visualise you realise. Remember, visualise, internalise, and then actualise to materialise and realise.

Worry is the misuse of imagination and is a form negative gold visualising. Its positive goal-setting and visualising in reverse. A new state of mind creates a new state of circumstances. Your future is contained of limitless opportunity.

In Napoleon Hill’s blockbuster “Think and Grow Rich” he writes, “Imagination is the workshop of the mind and is capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.” He also taught that your sub-conscious mind can’t distinguish between what is vividly imagined and what is real. Your Sub-conscious Mind connects to the Super-Conscious Mind and Infinite Intelligence. It draws to you and manifests for you the people, circumstances, and events that you imagined in vivid detail. Imagination embraces the entire universe. It stimulates progress and gives birth to new and great ideas.


Rufus Jones went so far as to say “Getting your imagination captured is almost the whole of life.” Knowing that the palest ink is better than the most remarkable memory. I think what Rufus was referring to is to develop the habit of capturing your imagination by writing down good ideas as soon as they flow. It is very important to capture these thoughts by writing them down immediately. Don’t wait till later; the most brilliant revelations may escape you if you do. The author Clarence Klein once said that, “he believed he discovered the one great compelling force, which makes every man what he is in the end. That force was imagination.”

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This new millennium is pregnant with the greatest opportunities this planet has ever seen. Napoleon Bonaparte, the great French commander said, “Imagination rules the world,” He was once asked, why he was such a great military leader and he replied, “I can tell you how long it will take to take a certain number of elephants to get from Germany to Egypt and I have the ability to have men die for me without knowing the reason why.”

In my native Canada several years ago there was a general contractor who had built over 70 homes, and a few retail stores at a trading outpost in northern Saskatchewan. They were also responsible for building a powerhouse and installing generators. They had less than a mile of overhead power line to run when they got caught with an early winter. Temperatures dropped to 50 degrees below zero. Unless they got the line in by the 1st of December the company would lose a lot of money. Nobody could figure out how to dig 4-foot holes in the ground that was frozen more than 4 feet deep, and you can’t set a pole in the ground without a hole and you can’t string a power line without a pole.

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Then an office clerk came up with what at first seemed like a ridiculous idea. Blow holes in the ground with dynamite, fill the holes with water, set the poles in the water, the water will freeze to ice and it will hold the poles solid as a rock until the spring thaw comes and then you can set them properly with concrete. They tried her idea. They had some problems to overcome but it worked. The dynamited hole was made driving a steel rod into the ground with a sledge hammer but first the rod had to be heated red hot to get in into the frozen ground and they had to be heated 40 to 50 times for each hole. A portable forge was dragged from hole to hole. Nearly 80 holes were made in the ground. The water was carried in from a nearby river with bobsleds carrying 2-100 gallon drums with faucet welded onto them. The faucet had to be thawed with a blowtorch to get the water out of the barrels and into the holes for the uprights.

The job was done on time, and by using an office clerks’ imagination that at first sounded completely idiotic. In fact the clerk told them afterwards that she almost didn’t tell them of her idea since she was afraid of being ridiculed and laughed at.

Now the question is, what ideas have your imagination given you that you’ve failed to act upon because you were afraid of being ridiculed or laughed at?






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