USS: UGONSA replies NANNM President, says he’s vindicated us


The University Graduates of Nursing Science Association, UGONSA, has said the recent remark by the National President of NANNM that the proposed Unified Schemes of Service (USS) is a classified and confidential document that cannot be presented to Nurses, whom it is made for, has confirmed its assertion that the USS is a clandestine ambush led against professional growth and development of Nursing in Nigeria.  The association also said that it has been vindicated by the crass refusal of NANNM president to make the content of the USS available for Nurses scrutiny adding that it is now clear that some gullible Nurses sheepishly go on strike and endorse communiqués over issues whose cruxes they are unaware of such as the proposed USS.

In a Statement by its National Secretary, Nur. G.I. Nshi, the Association said, “It is unfortunate that Adeniji has arrogantly reduced the generality of Nurses to infants that can neither think nor act for themselves by his inept insistence that they are not qualified to see the proposed USS or contribute to it despite that their professional future would be moulded and shaped by it.

”When we alerted that NANNM had been ‘cabalized’ and Nurses affairs were now being run as a secret cult, we were called unprintable names, but today we are glad that Adeniji himself has vindicated us with his infantile outburst and insistence that Nurses are not qualified to know how their career structure and professional advancement were casted in such an all determinant proposed scheme as the USS.

”Rather than address the issue of making the USS public to Nurses for their input and scrutiny he had shamelessly resorted to throwing tantrums, akin to Zebrudaya’s comedy show, to UGONSA ostensibly to divert the attention of Nurses from the issue at hand. This diversionary tactics of leaving the message to attack the messenger is dead on arrival and not acceptable to Nurses. What the Nigerian Nurses demanded for and are still demanding for is the certified true copy of the document of the USS and not an explanation on whether UGONSA is recognized or whether its members are yet in NANNM or not.

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”The innocuous demand by a Registered Nurse,Nur. Jude Chiedu, on behalf of the ever assertive Nigerian Nurses, that NANNM President should furnish the Nurses with the certified true copy of the USS to enable them be educated  and well informed in their own affairs has again exposed the dubiousness of the USS and the sinister ulterior motives of its proponents. We therefore cannot allow Adeniji to, as usual, sweep this well guided demand under the carpet with this diversionary ranting of a defaulter caught in the act.

”To us in UGONSA the only response he was able to muster, which was that “the USS is not strange to anybody except those who are out to create confusion in the profession and that the document is classified and confidential”, was not strange because it is a continuation of his infamous ‘market square’ exhibition of mediocrity, incivility, arrogance, and severe leadership quality deficit.

”Trying unsuccessfully to pull the wool over our eyes with his unintelligible couch that a strange document containing a strange proposal is not strange to Nurses that have never set their eyes on the document simply signposted the extent he can go in standing logic on its head in his desperate quest to fulfill his inordinate ambition of crippling professionalism in Nursing. Is it not the height of arrogance to label Nurses as ‘confusionists’ for dare asking to be educated on the pros and cons of the USS? If Nurses, including States and Unit NANNM EXCOS, have not and are not qualified to see and scrutinize the document does it not imply that Adeniji arrogantly sees himself as bigger, more powerful and more knowledgeable than the generality of Nigerian Nurses and all the gamut of talents and professionals in the profession? It is like the euphoria of total absence of checks and balances in NANNM has made Adeniji to suddenly forget that NANNM is owned and funded by Nurses and not by him.

”His senseless approach can only be likened to a case where the only thing a physician can explain to a patient is that surgery must be done, and the patient is told he does not have the right to give consent or even know the type of surgery, its indication, the area of the body where it will be done, its pros and cons, and prognosis as well. If such patient keeps quite and accepts the surgery, he may come out of the theatre without his head and then there would be no mouth to talk. We cannot allow Comrade Abdulrafiu Alani Adeniji to operate on us in such a strange and spurious manner in this digital age.

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The Association further bemoaned the needless attack on it by Adeniji and advised him to stop having nightmares over UGONSA as the association is ever ready to close ranks and partner with him to move the profession forward any day he repents and starts pursuing policies that would make the profession more viable especially those that would promote professionalism and welfare and foster greater unity among Nurses.

”Leaving the issue at hand to elaborate on his aggressive detestation and abhorrence of UGONSA and its members has shown that he is bereft of logic because when logic is exhausted, aggression sets in. How does the issue at hand relate to UGONSA members seeking recognition? And who do we seek the recognition from? Is it from Adeniji or NANNM? Having been registered and recognized by the Nigerian State and Government, what other recognition was Adeniji crying about?

”His tirade that UGONSA has no right to protest over issues in Nursing only exposes how hollow and primitive he is in thinking and reasoning. How can an Association registered and recognized by Federal Republic of Nigeria not have the right to protest, when it sees that the future and destiny of its members are about to be mortgaged with a satanic policy such as the proposed USS?

”His declaration that UGONSA members are yet to be members of NANNM is the lie of the century! NANNM collects check-off dues from every Nurse irrespective of grade and cadre. To have declared that Graduate Nurses are not members of NANNM despite the huge monthly dues checkoff deducted from their salaries is an irredeemable insult on our sensibilities, but we take exception to that because, from our knowledge of his antecedents, Adeniji’s only stock-in-trade is cross-fertilization and production of senseless lies. At least it is now very clear to the Graduate Nurses that Adeniji is a sectional and divisive leader who is out to frustrate professionalism in Nursing and at most they have seen their common enemy who they must unite against.

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”We join hands with discerning Nurses to call on Adeniji to make public his proposed USS to Nigerian Nurses and for once behave like a leader and shun the diversionary tactics of playing to the gallery, throwing needless tantrums and branding anybody that refuses to share his warped views as an enemy.

The association also advised Nurses to always insist on being well informed on any issue bordering on their future and professionalism before declaring their support and solidarity lest they blindly drink from a poisoned chalice such as the USS.

”If you are not informed you will be deformed. Nurses must insist on knowing. The past mistake of joining sheepishly without knowing must not be repeated because mistakes are meant to be corrected and not repeated.

”It is never late for those that were deceived, in the past, into embarking on protest and on a misguided strike over the USS they have neither seen nor know anything about as well as those that were cajoled to sign a communiqué endorsing the vague USS and promotion of ‘allied’ to directors of Nursing at OOUTH,Sagamu, Ogun State, to start retracing their steps and start demanding that they must  know and be well-informed before joining.

Our being in the doldrums today, despite the huge talent and outstanding professionals we parade, obviously might have a direct linkage with the famous quote of Alexander the great that, “a flock of sheep led by a lion behaves like lions and a pride of lions led by a sheep behaves like sheep”-the statement concluded.






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