What do you know about Raynaud’s Phenomenon (Quiz of the Day)


Raynaud’s phenomenon:

A is characterised by vasodilation
B causes hot, red feet
C starts as white patches of skin
D is caused by a bacterial infection
E may require vasodilator treatment


  1. The answer is E, and two respondents got it right, but the first to answer get the gift.

    Raynaud’s phenomenon is characterised by vasospasms of arterioles and
    arteries in the extremities resulting in blanching, cyanosis and numbness. This
    is followed by redness and throbbing pain. It is mostly idiopathic in origin and
    secondary causes include occlusive arterial disease and trauma. It may be
    triggered by exposure to extreme cold and other factors that may cause
    vasoconstriction such as smoking. Treatment includes nifedipine because it
    dilates coronary as well as peripheral arteries. Nifedipine is useful in reducing
    the frequency and severity of attacks.

  2. Comment: answer is E – may require vasodilator treatment because it is the reduction in blood flow as a result of cold


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