Zimbabwe: Government to Recruit 1,000 Nurses


Treasury has lifted a freeze on 1,000 posts in the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, with effect from next month.

This would see the recruitment of nurses to ease the workload in Zimbabwe’s health institutions, an official has said.

Health and Child Welfare acting secretary Dr Davis Dhlakama said the decision to lift the freeze was with effect from March.Dr Dhlakama said this while giving oral evidence before a Senate Thematic Committee on HIV/AIDS.

“We have a challenge of human resources because of job freeze.The Ministry of Finance has unfrozen 1,000 posts, as of March this year and it will give us further space,” said Dr Dhlakama.

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He said the decision to export nurses was conceived after a realisation that they could not absorb them, owing to the job freeze directive by Treasury.



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