10 Reasons to Include Aloe Vera in your Diet


10 Reasons to Include Aloe Vera in your Diet
Aloe vera juice in ice

Aloe Vera is a short-stemmed succulent leaf that is arranged in a rosette. Although they have sharp, teeth-like pinkish spines sideways, they are harmless and loaded with healthy colorless gel, which has shown great health benefits to man.

Commonly called medicinal aloe or the super plant, studies have shown the health importance of aloe vera as a supplement in human daily routine as it is often listed as one of the ingredients in different commodities such as cosmetics, facial cleansers, dermatological products, toothpaste, to mention a few.

In a study published in Hindawi Journal Advancing, the scientist found that aloe vera helps to lower blood sugar levels, eliminates ulcers, cures nausea, reduces oxidative stress, prevents diabetes, heals side effects of radiotherapy treatments, inhibits cancerous growth, promotes hair growth and soothe acid reflux symptoms.

The research published by Vasoontara Yiengprugsawan from the University of Colombo, Clinical and Nutrition Department, further states that aloe vera improves cardiovascular functions, lower cholesterol, and triglycerides, cures gum diseases, enhances the lifespan, and alleviates joint and muscle pain.

Other studies have affirmed that aloe vera gel is also used nutritionally as an ingredient in yogurts, beverages, and some desserts. They however warned on the dosage, saying ingesting aloe latex or whole leaf extract can be in high dosage can be toxic.

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Other health benefits of Aloe Vera are as follows:

  1. Hydrates the body

Aloe Vera plant is said to be rich in water which helps to treat as well as prevent dehydration. Hydration assists in the detoxification of the body which provides a way to flush out and purge impurities. It is loaded with a rich amount of nutrients that upgrade the body’s organ output.   It is essential because the liver and kidneys are responsible for the detoxification of the blood and producing urine. So it should be healthy.

  1. Helps treat diseases

Studies have shown that the safe dose level and mechanism of actions of aloe vera help to prevent and treat disease. Further studies in detail are required to know the therapeutic safety, potentiality, and mechanism of action of aloe vera for managing diseases.

  1. Oral mucosal diseases

Aloe vera is popular for its medicinal properties which treat various diseases with its application. Though the treatment of oral lesions has not been documented in the literature, systematic reviews have been made earlier on aloe Vera and its extracts on oral diseases.

  1. Speeds up the healing process

Aloe Vera is used as a topical medication that is rubbed onto the skin rather than consumed. It has been used to treat burns and sores. It is effective when used as a topical treatment for first and second-degree burns. Since thousands of years ago, it has been used as a natural healer. Its external use is an effective option for dressing wounds. The juice seals the wound stopping the flow of blood to the wound. It enhances the wound-healing process.

  1. Prevents digestive problems
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Aloe Vera has adaptogenic properties which are helpful to maintain digestive health. It promotes better absorption of nutrients and eradicates toxic elements through smooth excretion. A healthy digestive process promotes overall health and affects actions as well as thoughts. It manages irritable bowel syndrome, piles, constipation, and other gastrointestinal conditions that damage the system. Aloe Vera contains polysaccharides that help to cure ulcers and digestive problems. Ulcers are the prominent result of digestive problems that could be cured with the use of this plant extract.

  1. Boosts immune system

The beverages prepared from Aloe Vera juice contain detoxifying properties that help to cleanse the circulatory system and digestive systems. When the absorption level of nutrients increases, it results in better circulation of blood and improves health. When the blood is rich in oxygen, it transports nutrients to cells efficiently. The healthy cells promote the ability of the body to counteract infections by strengthening the immune system.

  1. Improves skin health
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Aloe Vera is used to treating skin problems since ancient times. The gel extracted from aloe Vera leaf is a natural aid for skin abrasions and helps to lower symptoms of aging skin conditions. Aloe extract is included in cosmetics, toiletries, personal care products, and skincare products. Apply the gel in raw form on the face and is more effective in comparison to many expensive skin creams on the market. Drink its juice to enhance skin health. It also cures stings, acne, rashes, and psoriasis.

  1. Helps treat nausea

Nausea occurs due to the consumption of contaminated food, due to chemotherapy treatments, and flu or virus. Though there are man-made medicines to treat nausea, even doctors are prescribing natural options for treatment. Nausea might also occur due to disorders in the stomach or digestive tract. The juice prepared from Aloe Vera is helpful for a sick stomach and makes feel better by providing a calm feeling in the body which indirectly assists in alleviating the feelings of nausea.


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